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MAME Version: 0.212 - Machines: 40594 - Roms: 306517 - Released: 03/08/2019 11:45:10 - Processed: 04/08/2019 00:35:51 - Took: 4m 30s - Offline: 12s 622ms

name & description or rom SHA1   40594 Machines, page 4 / 163

ad5gldmnaGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmnbGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmncGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmndGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 5)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmneGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 6)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmnfGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 7)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmngGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 8)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmnhGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 9)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmniGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 10)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmnjGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 11)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldmnkGold Mine (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 12)200?BFMad5gldmnad5gldmn 
ad5gldwnGolden Winner (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5gldwnaGolden Winner (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5gldwnad5gldwn 
ad5hirHi Roller (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5hiraHi Roller (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5hirbHi Roller (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5hircHi Roller (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5hirclHi Roller Club (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5hirclaHi Roller Club (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5hirclbHi Roller Club (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5hirad5hir 
ad5jckmoJackpot Monopoly (PR2226, MAZNJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5jckmoaJackpot Monopoly (PR2226, MAZNJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5jckmoad5jckmo 
ad5jckmobJackpot Monopoly (PR2253, MAZNJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5jckmoad5jckmo 
ad5jckmocJackpot Monopoly (PR2226, MAZNJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?Mazoomaad5jckmoad5jckmo 
ad5jckmodJackpot Monopoly (PR2226, MAZPJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5jckmoad5jckmo 
ad5jckmoeJackpot Monopoly (PR2226, MAZPJACM) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5jckmoad5jckmo 
ad5mcobMonte Carlo Or Bust (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Qps   
ad5mcobaMonte Carlo Or Bust (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Qpsad5mcobad5mcob 
ad5mcobbMonte Carlo Or Bust (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?Qpsad5mcobad5mcob 
ad5mcobcMonte Carlo Or Bust (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?Qpsad5mcobad5mcob 
ad5monopRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5monopaRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopbRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopcRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopdRandom Monopoly (PR2221, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopeRandom Monopoly (PR2221, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopfRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopgRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monophRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopiRandom Monopoly (PR2217, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopjRandom Monopoly (PR2221, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5monopkRandom Monopoly (PR2221, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5monopad5monop 
ad5mowowMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZNBPFP) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5mowowaMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZNWOWT) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowbMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZNWOWT) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowcMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2389, MAZNWWBU) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowdMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZNMWOW) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowoweMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZPBPFP) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowfMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZPWOWT) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowgMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZPWOWT) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowhMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2389, MAZPWWBU) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowiMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZPMWOW) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowjMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR3075) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowkMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR3075) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowlMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZNBPFP) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mowowmMonopoly Wheel Of Wealth (PR2365, MAZPBPFP) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mowowad5mowow 
ad5mr2rMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5mr2raMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rbMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rcMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rdMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 5)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2reMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 6)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rfMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 7)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rgMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 8)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mr2rhMonopoly Road To Riches (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 9)200?Mazoomaad5mr2rad5mr2r 
ad5mwwRandom Monopoly Wonders Of The World (PR2284) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazooma   
ad5mwwaRandom Monopoly Wonders Of The World (PR2291) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5mwwad5mww 
ad5pkingPoker King (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5pkingaPoker King (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5pkingad5pking 
ad5ppPink Panther (PR2283, QPSNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5ppaPink Panther (PR2283, QPSNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppbPink Panther (PR2267, MAZNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppbtbPink Panther Break The Bank (PR2304, QPSNPPBB) (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Qps   
ad5ppbtbaPink Panther Break The Bank (PR2304, QPSNPPBB) (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Qpsad5ppbtbad5ppbtb 
ad5ppbtbbPink Panther Break The Bank (PR2304, QPSPPPBB) (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Qpsad5ppbtbad5ppbtb 
ad5ppbtbcPink Panther Break The Bank (PR2304, QPSPPPBB) (Qps) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Qpsad5ppbtbad5ppbtb 
ad5ppcPink Panther (PR2267, MAZNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppdPink Panther (MAZNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppePink Panther (MAZNPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppfPink Panther (PR2283, QPSPPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppgPink Panther (PR2283, QPSPPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5pphPink Panther (PR2267, MAZPPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppiPink Panther (MAZPPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5ppjPink Panther (MAZPPINK) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5ppad5pp 
ad5rapidRapid Pay (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5rapidaRapid Pay (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rapidad5rapid 
ad5rcashReel Cash (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5rcashaReel Cash (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5rcashad5rcash 
ad5rroulReel Roulette (QPSNRLRO) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazooma   
ad5rroulaReel Roulette (QPSPRLRO) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5rroulad5rroul 
ad5rroulbReel Roulette (MAZNRERO) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5rroulad5rroul 
ad5rroulcReel Roulette (MAZPRERO) (Mazooma) (Adder 5)200?Mazoomaad5rroulad5rroul 
ad5rsclbRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5rsclbaRandom Spinner Club (PR1826, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbbRandom Spinner Club (PR1826, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbcRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbdRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbeRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbfRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbgRandom Spinner Club (PR1826, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbhRandom Spinner Club (PR1826, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbiRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsclbjRandom Spinner Club (PR1669, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5rsclbad5rsclb 
ad5rsnwRandom Spin 'n' Win (PR2226, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazooma   
ad5rsnwaRandom Spin 'n' Win (PR2226, MAZNRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5rsnwad5rsnw 
ad5rsnwbRandom Spin 'n' Win (PR2226, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?Mazoomaad5rsnwad5rsnw 
ad5rsnwcRandom Spin 'n' Win (PR2226, MAZPRNDN) (Mazooma) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?Mazoomaad5rsnwad5rsnw 
ad5rspinRandom Spinner (PR1669, BFGNRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5rspinbRandom Spinner (PR1669, BFGPRNDN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rspinad5rspin 
ad5rspincRandom Spinner (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5rspinad5rspin 
ad5rsrmRonnie O'Sullivan's Rocket Money (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5rsrmaRonnie O'Sullivan's Rocket Money (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rsrmad5rsrm 
ad5rsrrRonnie O'Sullivan's Rocket Money (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5rsrmad5rsrm 
ad5rsrraRonnie O'Sullivan's Rocket Money (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5rsrmad5rsrm 
ad5rwclbRandom Winner Club (PR1756, BFGNRWSX) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5rwclbaRandom Winner Club (PR1756, BFGNRWSX) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rwclbad5rwclb 
ad5rwclbbRandom Winner Club (PR1756, BFGPRWSX) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFMad5rwclbad5rwclb 
ad5rwclbcRandom Winner Club (PR1756, BFGPRWSX) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5rwclbad5rwclb 
ad5rwclbdRandom Winner Club (PR1757, BFGPRWCL) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5rwclbad5rwclb 
ad5rwclbeRandom Winner Club (PR1757, BFGNRWCL) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5rwclbad5rwclb 
ad5sslamSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5sslamaSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5sslambSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5sslamcSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5sslamdSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 5)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5sslameSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 6)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5sslamfSuper Slam (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 7)200?BFMad5sslamad5sslam 
ad5torncTornado Club (PR1629, 5.5, rv 8, BFGNTORD) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFM   
ad5torncaTornado Club (PR1629, 5.8, rv 7, BFGNTORD) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5torncad5tornc 
ad5torncbTornado Club (PR1629, 5.5, rv 8, BFGPTORD) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5torncad5tornc 
ad5tornccTornado Club (PR1629, 5.8, rv 7, BFGPTORD) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5torncad5tornc 
ad5torncdTornado Club (PR1627, 0.1, rv 1, BFGPTORN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5torncad5tornc 
ad5tornceTornado Club (PR1627, 0.1, rv 1, BFGNTORN) (Bellfruit) (Adder 5)200?BFMad5torncad5tornc 
ad5vlvViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5vlvbViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5vlvad5vlv 
ad5vlvcViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5vlvad5vlv 
ad5vlvdViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5vlvad5vlv 
ad5vlveViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 5)200?BFMad5vlvad5vlv 
ad5vlvfViva Las Vegas (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 6)200?BFMad5vlvad5vlv 
ad5vpaVideo Poker Ace (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 1)200?BFM   
ad5vpaaVideo Poker Ace (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 2)200?BFMad5vpaad5vpa 
ad5vpabVideo Poker Ace (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 3)200?BFMad5vpaad5vpa 
ad5vpacVideo Poker Ace (Bellfruit) (Adder 5) (set 4)200?BFMad5vpaad5vpa 
adam_ddpAdam Digital Data Pack     
adam_expansion_slotADAM expansion slot     
adam_fdcAdam FDC     
adam_idePowermate HP IDE     
adam_kbAdam keyboard     
adam_prnAdam printer     
adam_ramAdam 64KB RAM expansion     
adam_spiAdam SPI     
adamlinkAdamLink modem     
adamnetADAMnet bus     
adamnet_slotADAMnet slot     
adc0808ADC0808 A/D Converter     
adc0809ADC0809 A/D Converter     
adc0831ADC0831 A/D Converter     
adc0832ADC0832 A/D Converter     
adc0834ADC0834 A/D Converter     
adc0838ADC0838 A/D Converter     
adc0844ADC0844 A/D Converter     
adc0848ADC0848 A/D Converter     
address_map_bankAddress Map Bank     
adillorArmadillo Racing (Rev. AM1 Ver.A, Japan)1997Namco   
adm23ADM 23 Smart Terminal1982Lear Siegler   
adm31ADM-31 Data Display Terminal1978Lear Siegler   
adm36ADM 36 Video Display Terminal1981Lear Siegler   
adonisAdonis (0200751V, NSW/ACT)1998Aristocrataristmk5  
adonisaAdonis (0100751V, NSW/ACT)1998Aristocratadonisadonis 
adonisa6Adonis (0151178, US)2005Aristocrataristmk6  
adonisceAdonis - Cash Express (0201005V, NSW/ACT)1999Aristocratadonisadonis 
adonisuAdonis (BHG1508, US)2001Aristocratadonisadonis 
adsp2100Analog Devices ADSP-2100     
adsp2101Analog Devices ADSP-2101     
adsp2104Analog Devices ADSP-2104     
adsp2105Analog Devices ADSP-2105     
adsp21062Analog Devices ADSP21062 "SHARC"     
adsp2115Analog Devices ADSP-2115     
adsp2181Analog Devices ADSP-2181     
adultsAdults Only (Russia) (Extrema)200?Extrema   
aduskcmAfrican Dusk - Mr. Cashman (20006711, NSW/ACT)2001Aristocrataristmk6  
advisionAdventure Vision1982Entex   
advsnhaAdvision Home Arcade1983Advisionarcadiaarcadia 
aerfboo2Aero Fighters (bootleg, set 2)1992bootlegaerofgtaerofgt 
aerfbootAero Fighters (bootleg, set 1)1992bootlegaerofgtaerofgt 
aerobotoAeroboto1984Jaleco (Williams license)formatzformatz 
aerofgtAero Fighters (World / USA + Canada / Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan) (newer hardware)1992Video System Co.   
aerofgtbAero Fighters (Taiwan / Japan, set 1)1992Video System Co.aerofgtaerofgt 
aerofgtcAero Fighters (Taiwan / Japan, set 2)1992Video System Co.aerofgtaerofgt 
aerofgtsAero Fighters Special (Taiwan)1996Video System Co.coh1002v  
aerolitosAerolitos (Spanish bootleg of Asteroids)1980bootleg (Rodmar Elec.)asteroidasteroid 
aesNeo-Geo AES1990SNK   
afighterAction Fighter (FD1089A 317-0018)1986Sega   
afighteraAction Fighter (unprotected)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afighterbAction Fighter (unprotected, analog controls)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afightercAction Fighter (FD1089B 317-unknown)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afighterdAction Fighter (FD1089B 317-unknown, analog controls)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afightereAction Fighter (System 16B, unprotected, analog controls)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afighterfAction Fighter (System 16B, FD1089B 317-unknown, analog controls)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afightergAction Fighter (System 16B, FD1089B 317-unknown)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afighterhAction Fighter (System 16B, FD1089A 317-0018)1986Segaafighterafighter 
afireAstro Fire1979bootleg (Rene Pierre)astrofastrofastrof
afm_10Attack From Mars (1.0)1995Ballyafm_113afm_113 
afm_11Attack From Mars (1.1)1995Ballyafm_113afm_113 
afm_113Attack From Mars (1.13, Free play)1995Bally   
afm_113bAttack From Mars (1.13b)1995Ballyafm_113afm_113 
afm_11uAttack From Mars (1.1 Ultrapin)1995Ballyafm_113afm_113 
afterhrsAfter Hours (0251071, US)2004Aristocrataristmk6  
aftorAf-Tor1984Wico  genpin
aftrshokAfter Shock (Lazer-tron, set 1)19??Lazer-tron   
aftrshokaAfter Shock (Lazer-tron, set 2)19??Lazer-tronaftrshokaftrshok 
afv_l4Addams Family Values (Coin Dropper L-4)1993Williams   
aga_pc200AGA PC200     
agalletAir Gallet (Europe)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)   
agalletaAir Gallet (older, Europe)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletahAir Gallet (older, Hong Kong)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletajAkuu Gallet (older, Japan)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletakAir Gallet (older, Korea)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletatAir Gallet (older, Taiwan)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletauAir Gallet (older, USA)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agallethAir Gallet (Hong Kong)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletjAkuu Gallet (Japan)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletkAir Gallet (Korea)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agallettAir Gallet (Taiwan)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agalletuAir Gallet (USA)1996Gazelle (Banpresto license)agalletagallet 
agat_fdcAgat 840K floppy controller card     
agat7_flopAgat-7 140K floppy card     
agat7videoAgat-7 Video     
agat840k_hleAgat 840K floppy card     
agat9_flopAgat-9 140K floppy card     
agat9videoAgat-9 Video     
age_candCandy Crane (AGE)19??Advanced Games & Engineering   
agent777Agents 7771984Game Plan  genpin
agentx1Agent X (prototype, rev 1)1983Ataricloakcloak 
agentx2Agent X (prototype, rev 2)1983Ataricloakcloak 

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