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MAME: 0.261 - Released: 2023-11-27T23:27:45 - Machines: 46283 - rom: 349118 - disk: 1312 - Lists: 702 - Software: 136371 - rom: 231686 - disk: 11041

MAME Machine Filter can be used to narrow down machines with particular features you are interested in.

  • New and improved !!!
  • The following filters have already been applied (MAME): cloneof IS NULL (parents only), isbios = 'no', isdevice = 'no', ismechanical = 'no', runnable = 'yes'.
  • Home Brew MAME (HBMAME) dataset also provided (child machines not removed). Refresh page to change dataset.
  • FB Neo dataset also provided only for now.

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