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MAME: 0.267 - Released: 2024-06-27T17:09:36 - Machines: 46910 - rom: 352361 - disk: 1328 - Lists: 706 - Software: 138071 - rom: 233996 - disk: 11143

The MAME emulator supports (contains the emulation code) to run many machines all built into the program, this is the machine hardware. What isn’t supplied is the software that runs on the hardware, the reason being copyright, distributing the software would be piracy.

MAME software primarily consists of ROM files that are dumped from the ROM (Read only Memory) chips found on machine circuit boards. MAME expects these ROM files in a machineName.zip all named correctly.

This searchable database allows you to query all the MAME machines and display information like what ROMs it requires to run.

name & description or rom SHA1   46910 Machines, page 1 / 188

0050051981Sega  005
09825_67907Hewlett-Packard HP-09825-67907     
100lions100 Lions (10219211, NSW/ACT)2006Aristocrataristmk6  
100lionsa100 Lions (30223811, ASP)2006Aristocrat100lions100lions 
10yard10-Yard Fight (World, set 1)1983Irem   
10yard8510-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)1985Irem (Taito license)10yard10yard 
10yardj10-Yard Fight (Japan)1983Irem10yard10yard 
110danceRetro Dance Mat (110 song Super StepMania + 9-in-1 games) (PAL)200?<unknown>   
11beatEleven Beat1998Hudsonaleck64  
1292apvs1292 Advanced Programmable Video System1976Radofin   
136094_0072Atari 136094-0072 XGA     
136095_0072Atari 136095-0072 XGA     
1392apvs1392 Advanced Programmable Video System1976Radofin1292apvs1292apvs 
15lions15 Lions (10166211, Queensland)2004Aristocrataristmk6  
1801vp1_1281801VP1-128 FDC     
18w18 Wheeler (set 1)1979Midway   
18w218 Wheeler (set 2)1979Midway18w18w 
18wheelr18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (deluxe, Rev A)2000Seganaomi  
18wheelro18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (deluxe)2000Sega18wheelr18wheelr 
18wheelrt18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (deluxe, Rev T)2000Sega18wheelr18wheelr 
18wheels18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (standard)2000Sega18wheelr18wheelr 
18wheelu18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (upright)2000Sega18wheelr18wheelr 
19411941: Counter Attack (World 900227)1990Capcom   
1941j1941: Counter Attack (Japan)1990Capcom19411941 
1941r11941: Counter Attack (World)1990Capcom19411941 
1941u1941: Counter Attack (USA 900227)1990Capcom19411941 
19421942 (Revision B)1984Capcom   
1942a1942 (Revision A)1984Capcom19421942 
1942abl1942 (Revision A, bootleg)1984bootleg19421942 
1942b1942 (First Version)1984Capcom19421942 
1942hSupercharger 19421991hack (Two Bit Score)19421942 
1942iti1942 (Itisa bootleg)1984bootleg (Itisa)19421942 
1942p1942 (Tecfri PCB, bootleg?)1984bootleg19421942 
1942w1942 (Williams Electronics license)1985Capcom (Williams Electronics license)19421942 
19431943: The Battle of Midway (Euro)1987Capcom   
1943b1943: Battle of Midway (bootleg, hack of Japan set)1987bootleg19431943 
1943bj1943: Midway Kaisen (bootleg)1987bootleg19431943 
1943j1943: Midway Kaisen (Japan, Rev B)1987Capcom19431943 
1943ja1943: Midway Kaisen (Japan)1987Capcom19431943 
1943jah1943: Midway Kaisen (Japan, no protection hack)1987Capcom19431943 
1943kai1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen (Japan)1987Capcom   
1943mii1943: The Battle of Midway Mark II (US)1987Capcom   
1943u1943: The Battle of Midway (US, Rev C)1987Capcom19431943 
1943ua1943: The Battle of Midway (US)1987Capcom19431943 
19441944: The Loop Master (Europe 000620)2000Eighting / Raizing (Capcom license)   
1944d1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)2000bootleg19441944 
1944j1944: The Loop Master (Japan 000620)2000Eighting / Raizing (Capcom license)19441944 
1944u1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620)2000Eighting / Raizing (Capcom license)19441944 
1945kiii1945k III (newer, OPCX2 PCB)2000Oriental Soft   
1945kiiin1945k III (newer, OPCX1 PCB)2000Oriental Soft1945kiii1945kiii 
1945kiiio1945k III (older, OPCX1 PCB)1999Oriental Soft1945kiii1945kiii 
19in119 in 1 MAME bootleg (BAR-V000)2004bootleg39in139in1 
19xx19XX: The War Against Destiny (Europe 960104)1996Capcom   
19xxa19XX: The War Against Destiny (Asia 960104)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxar119XX: The War Against Destiny (Asia 951207)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxb19XX: The War Against Destiny (Brazil 951218)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxd19XX: The War Against Destiny (USA 951207 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)1996bootleg19xx19xx 
19xxh19XX: The War Against Destiny (Hispanic 951218)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxj19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 960104, yellow case)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxjr119XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951225)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxjr219XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951207)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
19xxu19XX: The War Against Destiny (USA 951207)1996Capcom19xx19xx 
1on1gov1 on 1 Government (Japan)2000Tecmocoh1002m  
2020bb2020 Super Baseball (set 1)1991SNK / Pallasneogeo  
2020bba2020 Super Baseball (set 2)1991SNK / Pallas2020bb2020bb 
2020bbh2020 Super Baseball (set 3)1991SNK / Pallas2020bb2020bb 
20pacgalMs. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.08)2000Namco / Cosmodog   
20pacgalr0Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.00)2000Namco / Cosmodog20pacgal20pacgal 
20pacgalr1Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.01)2000Namco / Cosmodog20pacgal20pacgal 
20pacgalr2Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.02)2000Namco / Cosmodog20pacgal20pacgal 
20pacgalr3Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.03)2000Namco / Cosmodog20pacgal20pacgal 
20pacgalr4Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion (V1.04)2000Namco / Cosmodog20pacgal20pacgal 
21064DEC Alpha 21064     
22vp931Philips 22VP931     
22vp932Philips 22VP932     
24_13024 v1.302009Stern24_15024_150 
24_14024 v1.402009Stern24_15024_150 
24_14424 v1.442009Stern24_15024_150 
24_15024 v1.502009Stern   
240in1arMini Arcade Machine (Thumbs Up, 240IN1ARC)201?Thumbs Up   
24c0124C01 I2C Memory     
24c0224C02 I2C Memory     
24c0424C04 I2C Memory     
24c0824C08 I2C Memory     
24c12824C128 I2C Memory     
24c1624C16 I2C Memory     
24c25624C256 I2C Memory     
24c51224C512 I2C Memory     
24c6424C64 I2C Memory     
24cdjukeMidcoin Juke Box 24CD1988Midcoin   
25pacmanPac-Man - 25th Anniversary Edition (Rev 3.00)2006Namco / Cosmodog   
25pacmanoPac-Man - 25th Anniversary Edition (Rev 2.00)2005Namco / Cosmodog25pacman25pacman 
28010Parallel EEPROM 28010 (131072x8)     
28020Parallel EEPROM 28020 (262144x8)     
2804Parallel EEPROM 2804 (512x8)     
28040Parallel EEPROM 28040 (524288x8)     
280zzzap280-ZZZAP1976Dave Nutting Associates / Midway   
2816Parallel EEPROM 2816 (2048x8)     
28256Parallel EEPROM 28256 (32768x8)     
28512Parallel EEPROM 28512 (65536x8)     
2864Parallel EEPROM 2864 (8192x8)     
2joysndPET Dual Joysticks and Sound     
2mindrilTwo Minute Drill (Ver 2.93A 1994/02/16)1993Taito America Corporation   
2mindrilaTwo Minute Drill (Ver 2.2A 1993/10/18)1993Taito America Corporation2mindril2mindril 
2spicy2 Spicy2007Segalindbios  
30test30 Test (remake)1997Namco   
315_5296Sega 315-5296 I/O     
315_5338aSega 315-5338A I/O Controller     
315_5641_pcmSega 315-5641 PCM     
315_5649Sega 315-5649 I/O Controller     
32xGenesis with 32X (USA, NTSC)1994Sega   
32x_mcdMega-CD with 32X (Europe, PAL)1995Sega32x_scd32x_scd 
32x_mcdjMega-CD with 32X (Japan, NTSC)1994Sega32x_scd32x_scd 
32x_scdSega CD with 32X (USA, NTSC)1994Sega   
32xeMega Drive with 32X (Europe, PAL)1994Sega32x32x 
32xjMega Drive with 32X (Japan, NTSC)1994Sega32x32x 
386i386i1990Convergent Technologiesngenngen 
386sc386 SC Rev A2199?<unknown>ibm5170ibm5170 
386sc2c386 motherboard using the Symphony chipset199?<unknown>ibm5170ibm5170 
39in139 in 1 MAME bootleg (GNO-V000)2004bootleg   
3b1UNIX PC Model 3B11985AT&T   
3bagflnz3 Bags Full (3VXFC5345, New Zealand)1996Aristocrat3bagflvt3bagflvt3bagflvt
3bagflvt3 Bags Full (5VXFC790, Victoria)1996Aristocrat  3bagflvt
3c5053Com EtherLink Plus     
3cdpoker3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.6)1995Armaly Labs   
3cdpokera3 Cards Poker 96 (V1.0)1995Armaly Labs3cdpoker3cdpoker 
3countb3 Count Bout / Fire Suplex (NGM-043 ~ NGH-043)1993SNKneogeo  
3do3DO (NTSC)1993The 3DO Company   
3do_pal3DO (PAL)1993The 3DO Company3do3do 
3dobios3DO BIOS1993The 3DO Company   
3in1semiNew HyperMan (3-in-1 with Cookie & Bibi & HyperMan) (set 1)1998SemiCom / XESS   
3in1semiaNew HyperMan (3-in-1 with Cookie & Bibi & HyperMan) (set 2)1998SemiCom / XESS3in1semi3in1semi 
3kokushiSankokushi (Japan)1996Mitchell   
3lilpigs3 Lil' Pigs199?Doyle & Assoc.   
3on3dunk3 On 3 Dunk Madness (US, prototype? 1997/02/04)1996Video System Co.   
3stoogesThe Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides (set 1)1984Mylstar   
3stoogesaThe Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides (set 2)1984Mylstar3stooges3stooges 
3super83 Super 8 (Italy)1993?<unknown>   
3wishrdThree Wishes Red (Russia) (Atronic)2002Atronic   
3wondersThree Wonders (World 910520)1991Capcom   
3wondersbThree Wonders (bootleg)1991bootleg3wonders3wonders 
3wondershThree Wonders (hack)1991bootleg3wonders3wonders 
3wondersr1Three Wonders (World 910513)1991Capcom3wonders3wonders 
3wondersuThree Wonders (USA 910520)1991Capcom3wonders3wonders 
3x3puzzl3X3 Puzzle (Enterprise)1998Ace Enterprise   
3x3puzzla3X3 Puzzle (Normal)1998Ace Enterprise3x3puzzl3x3puzzl 
3xtwinEmerald Technology 3XTwin Twinax Emulation Card     
4004clk4004 Nixie Clock2008John L. Weinrich   
40loveForty-Love (World)1984Taito Corporation   
40loveblForty-Love (bootleg)1984bootleg40love40love 
40lovejForty-Love (Japan)1984Taito Corporation40love40love 
486apio486 APIO199?EFAibm5170ibm5170 
486ccv486-CCV199?Diamond Flower, Inc. (DFI)ibm5170ibm5170 
486wb6a3486WB6A3.B1199?Silicon Valley Computer, Inc.ibm5170ibm5170 
48in148 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.09, HPH-V000)2004bootleg39in139in1 
48in1a48 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.02, HPH-V000)2004bootleg39in139in1 
48in1b48 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.09, HPH-V000, alt flash)2004bootleg39in139in1 
48in1c48 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.08, HPH-V000)2004bootleg39in139in1 
4d4104D/4101991Silicon Graphics Inc   
4dmshl3g4DMS HL3G-L4-VI199?EFAibm5170ibm5170 
4dmuhl3s4DMU HL3S199?EFAibm5170ibm5170 
4dparprnFourth Dimension Parallel Printer Interface     
4dwarrio4-D Warriors (315-5162)1985Coreland / Sega   
4enlineaCuatro en Linea (rev. A-07)1991Compumatic / CIC Play   
4enlinea_cgaISA8 CGA - 4enlinea     
4enlinebCuatro en Linea (rev. A-06)1991Compumatic / CIC Play4enlinea4enlinea 
4enraya4 En Raya (set 1)1990IDSA   
4enrayaa4 En Raya (set 2)1990IDSA4enraya4enraya 
4in14 Fun in 11981Armenia / Food and Fun   
4in1a4 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.00, PLZ-V014)2004bootleg39in139in1 
4in1b4 in 1 MAME bootleg (PLZ-V001)2004bootleg39in139in1 
4in1bootPuzzle King (PacMan 2, Tetris, HyperMan 2, Snow Bros.)2002K1 Soft   
4nd04a386-4N-D04A (UMC chipset)199?<unknown>ibm5170ibm5170 
4psimasyMahjong 4P Shimasho (Japan)1994Sphinx / AV Japan   
4rosesFour Roses (encrypted, set 1)1999<unknown>   
4rosesaFour Roses (encrypted, set 2)1999<unknown>4roses4roses 
500gp500 GP (US, 5GP3 Ver. C)1998Namco   
5061_3001Hewlett-Packard HP-5061-3001     
5061_3011Hewlett-Packard HP-5061-3011     
50lionrr50 Lions - Roaring Riches (20301311, NSW/ACT)2012Aristocrataristmk6  
50lions50 Lions (10120511, NSW/ACT)2002Aristocrataristmk6  
50lionsa50 Lions (10156111, ASP)2003Aristocrat50lions50lions 
50lionsu50 Lions (0152077, US)2005Aristocrat50lions50lions 
5a22Ricoh 5A22     
5acespkr5-Aces Poker198?<unknown>   
5clownFive Clown (English, set 1)1993IGS   
5clownaFive Clown (English, set 2)1993IGS5clown5clown 
5clownspFive Clown (Spanish hack)1993IGS5clown5clown 
5drag5 Dragons (20161011, NSW/ACT)2004Aristocrataristmk6  
5draga5 Dragons (10176611, ASP)2004Aristocrat5drag5drag 
5dragce5 Dragons - Cash Express (0152309, US)2007Aristocrat5drag5drag 
5dragnz5 Dragons (10178611, New Zealand)2005Aristocrat5drag5drag 
5dragsp5 Dragons (20161011, NSW/ACT, Show Program)2004Aristocrat5drag5drag 
5koi5 Koi - Power Pay (10250711, NSW/ACT)2007Aristocrataristmk6  
5koia5 Koi - Power Pay (1J016211, ASP)2007Aristocrat5koi5koi 
600cat600 Cellular Activation Tester199?Wavetek   
60in160 in 1 MAME bootleg (ver 3.00, ICD-V000)2004bootleg39in139in1 
64street64th. Street - A Detective Story (World)1991Jaleco   
64streetj64th. Street - A Detective Story (Japan, set 1)1991Jaleco64street64street 
64streetja64th. Street - A Detective Story (Japan, set 2)1991Jaleco64street64street 
68ksbc68k Single Board Computer2002Wichit Sirichote   
705p3prgMC68705P3 Programmer1984Motorola705p5prg705p5prg 
705p5prgMC68705P5 Programmer1984Motorola   
705r3prgMC68705R3 Programmer1984Motorola705p5prg705p5prg 
705u3prgMC68705U3 Programmer1984Motorola705p5prg705p5prg 
720720 Degrees (rev 4)1986Atari Games   
720g720 Degrees (German, rev 2)1986Atari Games720720 
720gr1720 Degrees (German, rev 1)1986Atari Games720720 
720r1720 Degrees (rev 1)1986Atari Games720720 
720r2720 Degrees (rev 2)1986Atari Games720720 
720r3720 Degrees (rev 3)1986Atari Games720720 
7414874148 TTL     
74747474 TTL     
7jigen7jigen no Youseitachi - Mahjong 7 Dimensions (Japan)1990Dynax   
7mezzo7 e Mezzo198?<unknown>   
7ordi7 Ordi (Korea)2002Yun Sung   
7smash7 Smash1993Sovic   
800fath800 Fathoms1981Amenip (US Billiards Inc. license)marinermariner 
800fatha800 Fathoms (older)1981Amenip (US Billiards Inc. license)marinermariner 
86lions86 Lions1985Aristocrat  3bagflvt
88games'88 Games1988Konami   
88in1joyJoystick88201?Play Vision   
8ballVideo Eight Ball1982Century Electronics   
8ball1Video Eight Ball (Rev.1)1982Century Electronics8ball8ball 
8ballactEight Ball Action (DK conversion)1984Seatongrove UK, Ltd. (Magic Electronics USA license)   
8ballact2Eight Ball Action (DKJr conversion)1984Seatongrove UK, Ltd. (Magic Electronics USA license)8ballact8ballact 
8bpmEight Ball Action (Pac-Man conversion)1985Seatongrove UK, Ltd. (Magic Electronics USA license)8ballact8ballact 
8x300Signetics 8X300     
8x305Signetics 8X305     
93c06_16Serial EEPROM 93C06 (16x16)     
93c46_16Serial EEPROM 93C46 (64x16)     
93c46_8Serial EEPROM 93C46 (128x8)     
93c56_16Serial EEPROM 93C56 (128x16)     
93c56_8Serial EEPROM 93C56 (256x8)     
93c57_16Serial EEPROM 93C57 (128x16)     
93c57_8Serial EEPROM 93C57 (256x8)     
93c66_16Serial EEPROM 93C66 (256x16)     

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