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MAME: 0.265 - Released: 2024-04-23T21:34:29 - Machines: 46750 - rom: 351491 - disk: 1325 - Lists: 714 - Software: 137832 - rom: 233686 - disk: 11065

name & description or rom SHA1   46750 Machines, page 2 / 187

93c76_16Serial EEPROM 93C76 (512x16)     
93c76_8Serial EEPROM 93C76 (1024x8)     
93c86_16Serial EEPROM 93C86 (1024x16)     
93c86_8Serial EEPROM 93C86 (2048x8)     
98best44Neo Print - '98 NeoPri Best 44 (Japan) (T4i 3.07)1998SNK   
990189TM 990/189 University Board microcomputer1978Texas Instruments   
990189vTM 990/189 University Board microcomputer with Video Board Interface1980Texas Instruments990189990189 
99bottles99 Bottles of Beer1999Bally Gaming Co.gammagicgammagic 
99lstwar'99: The Last War (set 1)1985Crux / Promarepulserepulse 
99lstwara'99: The Last War (set 2)1985Crux / Promarepulserepulse 
99lstwarb'99: The Last War (bootleg)1985bootlegrepulserepulse 
99lstwark'99: The Last War (Kyugo)1985Crux / Kyugorepulserepulse 
9ballsht9-Ball Shootout (set 1)1993E-Scape EnterMedia (Bundra license)   
9ballsht29-Ball Shootout (set 2)1993E-Scape EnterMedia (Bundra license)9ballsht9ballsht 
9ballsht39-Ball Shootout (set 3)1993E-Scape EnterMedia (Bundra license)9ballsht9ballsht 
9ballshtc9-Ball Shootout Championship1993E-Scape EnterMedia (Bundra license)9ballsht9ballsht 
a1000Amiga 1000 (PAL)1985Commodore   
a1000kbd_deAmiga 1000 Keyboard (Germany/Austria)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_dkAmiga 1000 Keyboard (Denmark)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_frAmiga 1000 Keyboard (France/Belgium)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_gbAmiga 1000 Keyboard (UK)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_itAmiga 1000 Keyboard (Italy)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_seAmiga 1000 Keyboard (Sweden/Finland)  a1000kbd_us  
a1000kbd_usAmiga 1000 Keyboard (U.S./Canada)     
a1000kbrstAmiga 1000/2000/CDTV keyboard reset circuit     
a1000nAmiga 1000 (NTSC)1985Commodorea1000a1000 
a1010Textel Compact A1010-01993Humantechnik   
a1200Amiga 1200 (PAL)1992Commodore   
a1200kbd_rbAmiga 1200 Keyboard Rev B     
a1200nAmiga 1200 (NTSC)1992Commodorea1200a1200 
a1200xlAtari 1200XL1982Ataria800a800 
a130xeAtari 130XE1986Ataria800xla800xl 
a1busApple I Bus     
a1bus_slotApple I Slot     
a1cassApple I cassette board     
a2000Amiga 2000 (PAL)1987Commodore   
a2000kbd_chAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Switzerland)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_deAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Germany/Austria)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_dkAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Denmark)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_esAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Spain)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_frAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (France/Belgium)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_g80_deAmiga 2000 Keyboard (Cherry - Germany/Austria)  a2000kbd_g80_us  
a2000kbd_g80_dkAmiga 2000 Keyboard (Cherry - Denmark)  a2000kbd_g80_us  
a2000kbd_g80_gbAmiga 2000 Keyboard (Cherry - UK)  a2000kbd_g80_us  
a2000kbd_g80_seAmiga 2000 Keyboard (Cherry - Sweden/Finland)  a2000kbd_g80_us  
a2000kbd_g80_usAmiga 2000 Keyboard (Cherry - U.S./Canada)     
a2000kbd_gbAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (UK)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_itAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Italy)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_noAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Norway)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_seAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (Sweden/Finland)  a2000kbd_us  
a2000kbd_usAmiga 2000/3000/4000 Keyboard (U.S./Canada)     
a2000nAmiga 2000 (NTSC)1987Commodorea2000a2000 
a24play4play Joystick Card (rev. B)     
a2600Atari 2600 (NTSC)1977Atari   
a2600_cmAtari 2600 ROM Cart Compumate     
a2600_dpcAtari 2600 ROM Cart Pitfall II     
a2600_harmonyAtari 2600 ROM Cart HARMONY/MELODY     
a2600_popAtari 2600 Point of Purchase Display198?Atari   
a2600_ssAtari 2600 ROM Cart Supercharger     
a2600pAtari 2600 (PAL)1978Ataria2600a2600 
a2aesmsApplied Engineering Super Music Synthesizer     
a2aevm80Applied Engineering Viewmaster 80     
a2alfam2ALF MC1 / Apple Music II     
a2ap16IBS AP-16 80 column card     
a2ap16aIBS AP-16 80 column card (alt. version)     
a2aplcrdPCPI Applicard     
a2arcbdThird Millenium Engineering Arcade Board     
a2bootiBooti Card     
a2bufgrapplerplusOrange Micro Buffered Grappler+ Printer Interface     
a2bufgrapplerplusaOrange Micro Buffered Grappler+ (rev A) Printer Interface  a2bufgrapplerplus  
a2busApple II Bus     
a2bus_byte8251BYTE Serial Interface (8251 based)     
a2bus_noisemakerADS Noisemaker II     
a2bus_slotApple II Slot     
a2ceyesDigital Vision ComputerEyes     
a2ceyes2Digital Vision ComputerEyes/2     
a2cffa02CFFA 2.0 Compact Flash (6502 firmware, www.dreher.net)     
a2cffa2CFFA 2.0 Compact Flash (65C02 firmware, www.dreher.net)     
a2corvusCorvus Flat Cable interface     
a2diskiingApple Disk II NG controller (16-sector)     
a2dx1Decillonix DX-1     
a2eauxslotApple IIe AUX Bus     
a2eauxslot_slotApple IIe AUX Slot     
a2echoiiStreet Electronics Echo II     
a2echopStreet Electronics Echo Plus     
a2eext80Apple IIe Extended 80-Column Card     
a2ef384Franklin ACE 500 expansion RAM     
a2ef512Franklin ACE 2x00 expansion RAM     
a2erwks3Applied Engineering RamWorks III     
a2estd80Apple IIe Standard 80-Column Card     
a2excel9Seikou Excel-9     
a2ezcgiE-Z Color Graphics Interface     
a2ezcgi3E-Z Color Graphics Interface (TMS9938)     
a2ezcgi5E-Z Color Graphics Interface (TMS9958)     
a2focdrvParsons Engineering Focus Drive     
a2gameioApple II Game I/O Connector     
a2gizmoHAL Labs Gizmo     
a2grapplerOrange Micro Grappler Printer Interface     
a2grapplerplusOrange Micro Grappler+ Printer Interface     
a2hsscsiApple II High-Speed SCSI Card     
a2iwmApple Disk II IWM controller     
a2iwmintApple IWM controller     
a2joyApple II analog joysticks     
a2joyprtSirius JoyPort     
a2lancegs///SHH Systeme LANceGS     
a2laser128VTech Laser 128 Internal Device     
a2laser128oVTech Laser 128 Internal Device (original hardware)     
a2mcms1Mountain Computer Music System (card 1)     
a2mcms2Mountain Computer Music System (card 2)     
a2memexpApple II Memory Expansion Card     
a2midi6850 MIDI card     
a2mockbdSweet Micro Systems Mockingboard Sound/Speech I     
a2mouseApple II Mouse Card     
a2parprnApple II Parallel Printer Interface Card     
a2pcxportApplied Engineering PC Transporter     
a2pdlsApple II paddles     
a2pdromdrProDOS ROM Drive     
a2phasorApplied Engineering Phasor     
a2picApple II Parallel Interface Card     
a2q68Stellation Two Q-68     
a2q68plusStellation Two Q-68 Plus  a2q68  
a2ram16kApple II 16K Language Card     
a2ramfacApplied Engineering RamFactor     
a2romfpApple II ROM Card (Applesoft BASIC)     
a2romintApple II ROM Card (Integer BASIC)     
a2romusrApple II ROM Card (Custom)     
a2samDon't Ask Software S.A.M.     
a2scsiApple II SCSI Card     
a2sdApple II SD Card     
a2sider1First Class Peripherals Sider 1 SASI Card     
a2sider2First Class Peripherals Sider 2 SASI Card     
a2snesmaxSNES MAX Game Controller Interface     
a2softcardMicrosoft SoftCard     
a2ssbaplMultitech Industrial SSB Apple speech card     
a2sscApple Super Serial Card     
a2sspriteSynetix SuperSprite     
a2superdriveApple II 3.5" Disk Controller Card     
a2suprtermM&R Enterprises SUP'R'TERMINAL     
a2suranceApplesurance Diagnostic Controller     
a2swyftIAI SwyftCard     
a2themillStellation Two The Mill     
a2thunplThunderWare ThunderClock Plus     
a2tmsthoApplied Engineering TimeMaster H.O.     
a2twarpApplied Engineering TransWarp     
a2ultrmeVidex UltraTerm (enhanced //e)     
a2ulttrmVidex UltraTerm (original)     
a2uniprintVidex Uniprint Printer Interface     
a2utherneta2RetroSystems Uthernet     
a2videoApple II video     
a2video_compApple II video (composite)     
a2video_comprgbApple II video (composite/RGB)     
a2vidtrmVidex Videoterm 80 Column Display     
a2vistaa800Vista A800 8inch disk Controller Card     
a2vtc1unknown Videoterm clone     
a2vulcanApplied Engineering Vulcan IDE controller (IIgs version)     
a2vulgldApplied Engineering Vulcan Gold IDE controller (IIgs version)     
a2vuliieApplied Engineering Vulcan IDE controller (//e version)     
a2zipdrvZip Technologies ZipDrive     
a3000Amiga 3000 (PAL)1990Commodore   
a3000nAmiga 3000 (NTSC)1990Commodorea3000a3000 
a3fdcApple III floppy controller     
a400Atari 400 (NTSC)1979Atari   
a4000Amiga 4000/040 (PAL)1992Commodore   
a400030Amiga 4000/030 (PAL)1993Commodorea4000a4000 
a400030nAmiga 4000/030 (NTSC)1993Commodorea4000a4000 
a4000nAmiga 4000/040 (NTSC)1992Commodorea4000a4000 
a4000tAmiga 4000T (PAL)1994Commodore   
a4000tnAmiga 4000T (NTSC)1994Commodorea4000ta4000t 
a400palAtari 400 (PAL)1979Ataria400a400 
a486sioISA-486SIO rev. 1.2199?Asusibm5170ibm5170 
a486sp3PVI-486SP3 (SiS 85C496/85C497)1994Asus   
a500Amiga 500 (PAL)1987Commodore   
a5000Rockwell A5000     
a500kbd_chAmiga 500 Keyboard (Switzerland)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_deAmiga 500 Keyboard (Germany/Austria)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_dkAmiga 500 Keyboard (Denmark)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_esAmiga 500 Keyboard (Spain)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_frAmiga 500 Keyboard (France/Belgium)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_gbAmiga 500 Keyboard (UK)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_itAmiga 500 Keyboard (Italy)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_noAmiga 500 Keyboard (Norway)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_seAmiga 500 Keyboard (Sweden/Finland)  a2000kbd_us  
a500kbd_usAmiga 500 Keyboard (U.S./Canada)  a2000kbd_us  
a500nAmiga 500 (NTSC)1987Commodorea500a500 
a500pAmiga 500 Plus (PAL)1992Commodore   
a500pnAmiga 500 Plus (NTSC)1992Commodorea500pa500p 
a5105BIC A51051989VEB Robotron   
a5120A51201982VEB Robotron   
a5130A51301983VEB Robotrona5120a5120 
a51mxr3kArea 51 / Maximum Force Duo (R3000, 2/10/98)1998Atari Gamesarea51mxarea51mx 
a51mxr3kaArea 51 / Maximum Force Duo (R3000, 2/02/98)1998Atari Gamesarea51mxarea51mx 
a51site4Area 51: Site 4 (HD Rev 2.01, September 7, 1998)1998Atari Games   
a51site4aArea 51: Site 4 (HD Rev 2.0, September 11, 1998)1998Atari Gamesa51site4a51site4 
a5200Atari 52001982Atari   
a5200_16k2cAtari 5200 ROM cart 16K in 2 Chips     
a5200_bbsbAtari 5200 ROM Bounty Bob Strikes Back cart     
a5200_cart_slotAtari 5200 Cartridge Slot     
a5200_romAtari 5200 ROM cart     
a5200_supercartAtari 5200 Super Cart     
a5200aAtari 5200 (2-port)1983Ataria5200a5200 
a5500Rockwell A5500     
a5900Rockwell A5900     
a600Amiga 600 (PAL)1992Commodore   
a600kbd_chAmiga 600 Keyboard (Switzerland)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_deAmiga 600 Keyboard (Germany/Austria)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_dkAmiga 600 Keyboard (Denmark)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_esAmiga 600 Keyboard (Spain)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_frAmiga 600 Keyboard (France/Belgium)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_gbAmiga 600 Keyboard (UK)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_itAmiga 600 Keyboard (Italy)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_noAmiga 600 Keyboard (Norway)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_seAmiga 600 Keyboard (Sweden/Finland)  a2000kbd_us  
a600kbd_usAmiga 600 Keyboard (U.S./Canada)  a2000kbd_us  
a600nAmiga 600 (NTSC)1992Commodorea600a600 
a600xlAtari 600XL1983Ataria800xla800xl 
a65xeAtari 65XE1986Ataria800xla800xl 
a65xeaAtari 65XE (Arabic)1986Ataria800xla800xl 
a7000Archimedes A70001995Acornrpc600rpc600 
a7000pArchimedes A7000+1997Acornrpc600rpc600 
a7150A71501986VEB Robotron   
a78_cart_slotAtari 7800 Cartridge Slot     
a78_hiscoreAtari 7800 High Score Cart     
a78_megacartAtari 7800 MegaCart+     
a78_p450_t0Atari 7800 ROM Carts w/POKEY @ 0x0450     
a78_p450_t1Atari 7800 ROM Carts w/no Bankswitch + POKEY + POKEY @ 0x0450     
a78_p450_t6Atari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame Bankswitch + RAM + POKEY @ 0x0450     
a78_p450_taAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame 9Banks + POKEY @ 0x0450     
a78_romAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/no Bankswitch     
a78_rom_absAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/Absolute Bankswitch     
a78_rom_actAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/Activision Bankswitch     
a78_rom_mramAtari 7800 ROM Carts + Mirror RAM     
a78_rom_pokAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/no Bankswitch + POKEY     
a78_rom_sgAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame Bankswitch     
a78_rom_sg9Atari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame 9Banks     
a78_rom_sgpAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame Bankswitch + POKEY     
a78_rom_sgrAtari 7800 ROM Carts w/SuperGame Bankswitch + RAM     
a78_versaboardAtari 7800 VersaBoard Cart     
a78_versapokeyAtari 7800 VersaBoard + POKEY @ 0x450 Cart     
a78_xboardAtari 7800 XBoarD expansion     
a78_xmAtari 7800 XM expansion module     
a7800Atari 7800 (NTSC)1986Atari   
a7800pAtari 7800 (PAL)1986Ataria7800a7800 

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