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MAME: 0.265 - Released: 2024-04-23T21:34:29 - Machines: 46750 - rom: 351491 - disk: 1325 - Lists: 714 - Software: 137832 - rom: 233686 - disk: 11065

These are lists of fully working MAME machines grouped by display type.

Anything that doesn’t work or has unfinished features will not be included in the lists. Only parent machines are listed not all the minor variations.

Sorted by date (newest first) then manufacturer then machine name.


The normal screen orientation.


Put your telly on its side.


Games like 1979 Asteroids.


Mainly single screen hand held games.


Anything that uses multiple displays including CRT and LCD.


Machines that use CHDs (Disk Images).

Software List Rom

Software lists with supported ROMs.

Software List Disk

Software lists with supported CHDs (Disk Images).

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