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cdi 1995anv1995 - All the News and Views (Europe)1995Philipsno 
cdi 3degree3rd Degree (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi 7thguestThe 7th Guest (Europe)1994Philipsno 
cdi 7thguestaThe 7th Guest (Europe, alt)1994Philipsno7thguest
cdi 7thguestfThe 7th Guest (France)1994Philipsno7thguest
cdi 7thguestgThe 7th Guest (Germany)1994Philipsno7thguest
cdi ach0104gAccent Health - Information for Healthy Living - January 2004 - General CDi 1-04 (USA)2004CNNno 
cdi ach1004gAccent Health - Information for Healthy Living - October 2004 - General CDi 10-04 (USA)2004CNNno 
cdi ach1104gAccent Health - Information for Healthy Living - November 2004 - General CDi 11-04 (USA)2004CNNno 
cdi ach1104sAccent Health - Information for Healthy Living - November 2004 - 50 + Silver CDi 1104 (USA)2004CNNno 
cdi achildA Child is Born v1.0 (USA)1994Philipsyes 
cdi achildoA Child is Born v1.0 (Europe)1993Philipsyesachild
cdi actcollgACT College Search (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi adiasce1ADI Accompagnement Scolaire - Français-Maths CE1 (France)1994Coktel Visionyes 
cdi adiasce2ADI Accompagnement Scolaire - Français-Maths CE2 (France)1994Coktel Visionyes 
cdi adiascm1ADI Accompagnement Scolaire - Français-Maths CM1 (France)1994Coktel Visionyes 
cdi adiascm2ADI Accompagnement Scolaire - Français-Maths CM2 (France)1994Coktel Visionyes 
cdi aidsawarAIDS Awareness (USA)1994Multimedia Softwareyes 
cdi aims4ywAIMS - The Civil War - Four Years of War and its Aftermath (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsanimAIMS - Animal Communities (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsbeavAIMS - Beavers and How they Live (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsbeesAIMS - Bees and How they Live (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsbirdAIMS - A First Look at Birds1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsclasAIMS - How we Classify Animals (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsecolAIMS - Learning About Ecology (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsecosAIMS - Ecosystems - Nature in Balance (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsevolAIMS - Evolution - Change Through Natural Selection (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsexplAIMS - Exploring our Solar System (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsfrogAIMS - Frogs and How they Live (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsinseAIMS - Insects Reproduction and Metamorphosis (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimsmamlAIMS - A First Look at Mammals (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimssurvAIMS - How Animals Survive (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimstempAIMS - Temperature, Pressure and Humidity (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimstideAIMS - Animal Life in a Tidepool (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimstreeAIMS - A First Look at Trees (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimswarbAIMS - The Civil War - The South Secedes and War Begins (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aimswindAIMS - Winds, Fronts and Storms (USA)1995AIMS Multimediano 
cdi aliceAlice in Wonderland (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi alicedAlice in Wonderland (Netherlands)1993Philipsyesalice
cdi alicefAlice au Pays des Merveilles (France)1992Philipsyesalice
cdi aliengatAlien Gate (Europe)1992The Vision Factoryyes 
cdi aliengatuAlien Gate (USA, set 1)1992The Vision Factoryyesaliengat
cdi aliengatu1Alien Gate (USA, set 2)1992The Vision Factoryyesaliengat
cdi allesovrAlles over CD-i - Apr-Mei 1995 (Netherlands)1995Philipsyes 
cdi allesovroAlles over CD-i - Aug-Sep 1994 (Netherlands)1994Philipsyesallesovr
cdi amstrdamDe Amsterdamse Effectenbeurs Interactief (Netherlands)1996Philipsyes 
cdi andrewllAndrew Lloyd Webber - The Premiere Collection Encore (Europe)1993Philips ~ PolyGramno 
cdi andrewlluAndrew Lloyd Webber - The Premiere Collection Encore (USA)1993Philips ~ PolyGramnoandrewll
cdi angedemnL'Ange et le Demon (France)1993Philipsyes 
cdi annewillAnne Willan presents The Food of France (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi annewilluAnne Willan presents The Food of France (USA)1992Philipsyesannewill
cdi apprentcThe Apprentice [CDi Ready]????The Vision Factoryyes 
cdi arcadeclArcade Classics (Europe)1996Namco ~ Philipsyes 
cdi archeonArcheon CD-i Quiz (Netherlands)1994Dutch Electronic Publishersyes 
cdi aroundatAround Atlanta - The Olympic City (Europe)1996Philipsno 
cdi aroundhoAround Hollywood - auf den spuren der stars (Germany)1995Philipsyes 
cdi artczarsThe Art of the Czars - St. Petersburg and the Treasures of the Hermitage (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi asterixAstérix - Caesar's Challenge v3.9 (Europe)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyes 
cdi asterixdAstérix - De Uitdaging Van Caesar v3.9 (Netherlands)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyesasterix
cdi asterixfAstérix - Le Défi de César v3.9 (France)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyesasterix
cdi asterixgAsterix - Die Grosse Reise v3.9 (Germany)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyesasterix
cdi asterixiAstérix - La Sfida di Cesare v3.9 (Italy)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyesasterix
cdi asterixsAsterix - El Desafio de Cesar v3.9 (Spain)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyesasterix
cdi astronomAstronomie Flammarion - Etoiles et Galaxies (France)1994Philipsyes 
cdi atlantisAtlantis - The Last Resort v1.11 (Europe)1996Philipsno 
cdi audiovidAudio-Video Products '92-'93 on CD-Interactive v2 (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi axisallAxis and Allies (USA)1994Philipsyes 
cdi backgammBackgammon (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi bandeannLa Bande Annonce - Automne-Hiver 95-96 (France)1996Philipsyes 
cdi barriorsEl Barrio Mas Divertido de Richard Scarry (Spain)1992Philipsyes 
cdi bdead13Brain Dead 13 v1.07 (Europe)1997Philipsno 
cdi beautyBeauty and the Beast (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi beautygDie Schöne und das Tier (Germany)1993Philipsyesbeauty
cdi berenstThe Berenstain Bears - On Their Own and You On Your Own (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi berenstdThuis Bij de Berenstain Beren - Thuis en bij jou (Netherlands)1993Philipsyesberenst
cdi berenstfThe Berenstain Bears - Les Ours Berenstain Comme des Grands (France)1994Philipsyesberenst
cdi berenstgDie Berenstain-Baren - Selbst ist der bar - mach mit - ist gar nicht schwer! (Germany)1993Philipsyesberenst
cdi bertelsgBertelsmann Universal Lexikon (Germany)1995Pathe ~ Philipsyes 
cdi bertelsgdBertelsmann Universal Lexikon - Demo-Disk (Germany)1994Pathe ~ Philipsyesbertelsg
cdi bertelsgdvcBertelsmann Universal Lexikon (Germany, alt)1995Pathe ~ Philipsnobertelsg
cdi bestbabsThe Best of Baby Songs - Featuring the Songs of Hop Palmer (USA)1993Philipsno 
cdi bestdrawThe Best of Draw-50 with Lee Ames (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi bestmanfThe Best Of Manfred Deix Vol. 1 (Austria)1994Philipsno 
cdi bestphoto92From The Associated Press: The Best of Photo Journalism1993XDRA Ltd. ~ Asia CD Ltd.no 
cdi billbrandtBill Brandt: The Picture Post Years 1938-19511993XDRA Ltd.no 
cdi bonjoviKeep The Faith - An Evening with Bon Jovi (Europe)1993Philips ~ PolyGramno 
cdi breastsaBreast Self-Examination - Auto-examen Del Seno (USA)1994Media Incyes 
cdi brerrabbBrer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby (USA)1991Philipsyes 
cdi bryanadaBryan Adams - Waking up the Neighbours (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi bshipBattleship (Europe, USA)1991Philipsyes 
cdi burncyclBURN-CYCLE (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi burncycldBURN-CYCLE (France, demo)1995Philipsyesburncycl
cdi burncyclgBURN-CYCLE (Germany)1995Philipsyesburncycl
cdi burncycliBURN-CYCLE (Italy)1995Philipsyesburncycl
cdi burncyclsBURN-CYCLE (Spain)1994Philipsyesburncycl
cdi burncycmBURN-CYCLE - The Music (Europe)[CD-Audio]1994Philipsyes 
cdi camelHow the Camel got its Hump (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi camnsntgEl Camino de Santiago - La milenaria ruta de las estrellas (Spain)1995ANAYAtouring - Philipsyes 
cdi camnsntgccEl Camino de Santiago - La milenaria ruta de las estrellas (Compilation Cultura) (Spain)1995ANAYAtouring - Philipsyescamnsntg
cdi cartooncCartoon Carnival (Europe, USA)1994Philipsno 
cdi cartoonjCartoon Jukebox (USA, alt)1991Philipsyes 
cdi cartoonjaCartoon Jukebox (USA)1991Philipsyescartoonj
cdi cartoonjgCartoon Jukebox (Germany)1992Philipsyescartoonj
cdi cboxingCaesars World of Boxing (Europe)1993Philipsno 
cdi cboxinguCaesars World of Boxing (USA)1993Philipsyescboxing
cdi cboxinguaCaesars World of Boxing (USA, alt)1993Philipsyescboxing
cdi cdi450tuCDI 450 - Tutorial Disc (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi cdi470tuCDI 470 - Tutorial Disc (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi cdidemonCD-i Demonstratie Disc - Fall 1996 - Spring 1997 (Netherlands)1996Philipsno 
cdi cdifullmCD-I Full Motion Video Update (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi cdiimgewCD-i im gewerblichen Einsatz... (Germany)1997Philipsyes 
cdi cdimausDie CD-i mit der Maus - Auf dem Bauernhof (Germany)1995Philipsyes 
cdi cdischoolsCD-i in Schools1994Scottish Interactive Technology Centreno 
cdi cdiworldCD-I World - Erste europaische Ausgabe - Demo Disc (Germany)1994Hinweiseyes 
cdi cdonli97CD-Online Disc 97-10 (Europe)1997CD-Onlineno 
cdi cdonlin1CD-Online - Issue 01 - Internet on TV (Europe)1995CD-Onlineno 
cdi cdonlin2CD-Online - Issue 02 - The Internet Game Issue (Europe)1996CD-Onlineno 
cdi cdshootCD Shoot (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi cdshootuCD Shoot (USA)1992Philipsyescdshoot
cdi centrionCenturion (Netherlands)1995Philipsno 
cdi cgamblCaesars World of Gambling (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi chaoscChaos Control v1.15 (Europe)1995Philipsno 
cdi chaoscfChaos Control v1.15 (France)1995Philipsnochaosc
cdi chaoscgChaos Control v1.15 (Germany)1995Philipsnochaosc
cdi chaoscuChaos Control v1.15 (USA)1995Philipsnochaosc
cdi childrenChildren's Musical Theatre (USA, alt 2)1992Philipsyes 
cdi cisterciCistercian Architecture (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi claptonEric Clapton - The Cream Of Eric Clapton (Europe)1994Philips ~ PolyGramno 
cdi classicjClassical Jukebox (Europe, USA)1991Philipsyes 
cdi clueClue (USA)1994Philipsnocluedo
cdi cluedoCluedo (Europe)1994Philipsno 
cdi cluedo2Cluedo - The Mysteries Continue (Europe)1995Philipsno 
cdi cmtChildren's Musical Theatre (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi cmtaChildren's Musical Theatre (USA, alt 1)1992Philipsyescmt
cdi comprendComprendre le CD-I - Understanding CD-I (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi comptonCompton's Interactive Encyclopedia - CD-Interactive (Europe)1992Compton's NewMediayes 
cdi comptondvcCompton's Interactive Encyclopedia (Europe)1995Compton's NewMedianocompton
cdi comptonuCompton's Interactive Encyclopedia - CD-Interactive (USA)1992Compton's NewMediayescompton
cdi connect4Connect Four v1 (Europe, USA)1991Philipsyes 
cdi coololdjCool Oldies Jukebox (USA)1991Mercury ~ Philipsyes 
cdi cosmopolCosmopolitan Interactive - Tonetics (USA)1995Philipsno 
cdi coxfordThe Concise Oxford Dictionary & Oxford Thesaurus (Europe)1995Oxford University Press ~ Philipsyes 
cdi crayonfThe Crayon Factory (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi crayonfuThe Crayon Factory (USA)1994Philipsyescrayonf
cdi creatcarCreate your own Caricature with Spitting Image (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi creatcaraCreate your own Caricature with Spitting Image (Europe, alt)1992Philipsyescreatcar
cdi crtshockCreature Shock (Europe)1996Philips ~ Virginno 
cdi cruisedCruise Directory (UK)1994Barclays ~ Philipsyes 
cdi cybrcityEscape from CyberCity (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi dansenDansen! (Netherlands)1996Philipsno 
cdi darkcstlDark Castle (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi davegrusDave Grusin - The Gershwin Connection (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi dayraceA Great Day at the Races (Europe)1993Philipsyes 
cdi dayraceuA Great Day at the Races (USA)1993Philipsyesdayrace
cdi defcrownDefender of the Crown (Europe, USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi depressionDepression - The Search For The NaSSA (Netherlands)1993N.V. Organonno 
cdi dgbcneDestination Great Britain - Central and Northern England (USA)1994World of Wondersno 
cdi dgbewcDestination Great Britain - England's West Country (USA)1994World of Wondersno 
cdi dgblseDestination Great Britain - London & Southern England (USA)1995World of Wondersno 
cdi dgbwDestination Great Britain - Wales (USA)1994World of Wondersno 
cdi dimosDimo's Quest [CDi Ready]????The Vision Factoryyes 
cdi discplacDiscovery - Your Place in the World (USA)1997Educational Management Groupyes 
cdi ditwas94Dit Was 1994 - Wereldnieuws Overzicht (Netherlands)1994Philipsno 
cdi ditwas95Dit Was 1995 - Wereldnieuws Overzicht (Netherlands)1996Philipsno 
cdi dlairDragon's Lair (Europe)1994Philipsno 
cdi dlair2Dragon's Lair II - Time Warp (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi dlair2uDragon's Lair II - Time Warp (USA)1994Philipsnodlair2
cdi dlair2uaDragon's Lair II - Time Warp (USA, alt)1994Philipsnodlair2
cdi dlairuDragon's Lair (USA)1994Philipsnodlair
cdi dominoDomino - Het Oudste Spel, Het Nieuwste Medium (Netherlands)1997Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijfyes 
cdi domststpDer Dom zu St. Stephan in Wien (Austria)1995Philipsyes 
cdi doorswinThe Cranberries: Doors and Windows (USA)1995Philips Media / Island Recordsyes 
cdi downhomeThe Downhome Blues (USA)1994Philipsyes 
cdi doyouremDo you Remember the '60's (Europe)1996Philipsyes 
cdi drugwarsDrug Wars (Europe)1996Philipsno 
cdi dsfneDiscover Sports Fishing - Northern Edition (USA)1995World of Wondersyes 
cdi dutch17Dutch Masters of the Seventeenth Century (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi dutch17uDutch Masters of the Seventeenth Century (USA)1992Philipsyesdutch17
cdi earthEarth - The Changing Environment (USA)1995World of Wondersyes 
cdi earthcEarth Command - The Future of Our World is in Your Hands v1.05 (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi earthcdEarth Command - De Toekomst van de Wereld Ligt in Jouw Handen v1.05 (Netherlands)1994Philipsyesearthc
cdi earthcfEarth Command v1.05 (France)1994Philipsyesearthc
cdi earthcgEarth Command - Die Zukunft Unserer welt Liegt in Ihrer Hand v1.05 (Germany)1994Philipsyesearthc
cdi earthcuEarth Command - The Future of Our World is in Your Hands v1.05 (USA)1994Philipsyesearthc
cdi effacerEffacer - Hangman of the 25th Century (USA)1994Philipsyes 
cdi eindhovSite Seeing in Digitaal Eindhoven (Netherlands)1997TV-Tokyoyes 
cdi emperorThe Emperor's New Clothes (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi encyclopEncyclopaedia Hachette (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi enkhuizeEnkhuizer Almanak 1997 - 402 Jaargang (Netherlands)1996Philipsyes 
cdi essentiaEssentials - The New Shape of Home Shopping by Freemans (UK)1994Barclays ~ Philipsyes 
cdi europrtyEuropean Party (Europe)1994Giunti Multimedia ~ Philipsyes 
cdi explspacExplorations of Space (USA)1994Educational Management Groupyes 
cdi explwrldExploration - The World Around You (USA)1997Educational Management Groupyes 
cdi ezplayE-Z Play Today Keyboard - Now Anyone Can Learn To Play Keyboard! (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi facekitcFace Kitchen (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi famillepLa Famille Papyrus (France)1994Hachette Livreyes 
cdi familyg1Family Games I (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi familyg2Family Games II - Junk Food Jive (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi filmmaanDe Filmmaand - Highlights-Previews-Filmclips (Netherlands)1995Philipsno 
cdi filmmaanaDe Filmmaand - Highlights-Previews-Filmclips (Netherlands, alt)1995Philipsnofilmmaan
cdi fishtvFish TV - Living Screens (Europe)1997Daedalusyes 
cdi flashbFlashback (Europe)1995Philipsyes 
cdi flintjetFlintstones & Jetsons - Timewarp (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi flintjetuFlintstones & Jetsons - Timewarp (USA)1994Philipsyesflintjet
cdi flowersThe Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe (USA)[Photo CD]1992Philipsyes 
cdi footballFootball - L'histoire, les regles, les vedettes, le jeu de penalties v1.04 (France)1994Philipsno 
cdi frenchimThe French Impressionists (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi frenchimdDe Franse Impressionisten (Netherlands)1991Philipsyesfrenchim
cdi frenchimfLes Impressionnistes Français (France)1992Philipsyesfrenchim
cdi frogfeasFrog Feast (demo)2000Rastersoftyes 
cdi fullswinThe Full Swing (Europe)1993Xdrayes 
cdi funfairAll the Fun of the Fair - Engels voor kinderen (Netherlands)1993Philipsyes 
cdi gardeninGardening by Choice - Flowers & Foliage (USA)1992Philipsyes 
cdi gatesheaGateshead 1900 - A Guide to Tyneside 100 Years Ago (Europe)1995Xdrayes 
cdi gettingaGetting Ahead - Making Time (Europe)1994Temple Millar Multimedia ~ Xdrayes 
cdi gettinga2Getting Ahead - Making Time (Europe, reprint)1995XDRA Ltd. ~ Temple Millar Multimediayesgettinga
cdi girlclubGirl's Club - The Fantasy Dating Game (USA)1993Philipsyes 
cdi glfmywayGolf My Way (USA)1994Philipsyes 
cdi gnomesGnomes v2.10 (USA)1995Philipsyes 
cdi golden1Golden Oldies I (Europe)1997SPC Visionyes 
cdi golden2Golden Oldies II (Europe)1997SPC Visionyes 
cdi goldoldjGolden Oldies Jukebox (USA)1991Philipsyes 
cdi goldoldjaGolden Oldies Jukebox (USA, alt)1991Philipsyesgoldoldj
cdi golftipsGolf Tips - Customised Golf Instruction (Europe)1993Xdrayes 
cdi golgo13CD-i Golgo 13 (Japan)1992Japan Interactive Mediayes 
cdi goseGo - Special Edition????The Vision Factoryyes 
cdi goyagrabGoya Grabador - Luces y Sombras (Spain)1995Philipsyes 
cdi granprixGrand Prix Special (Europe)1994Xdrayes 
cdi greatagGreat American Golf 2 (Europe)1994Xdrano 
cdi greatbgGreat British Golf - Middle Ages - 1940 (Europe)1992Philipsyes 
cdi guignolsLes Guignols de l'Info - Le Jeu! (France)1996CANAL+ ~ Philipsno 
cdi hauntedhHaunted House (Europe)1996Philipsyes 
cdi helpHelp! Opleiding Bedrijfshulpverlener voor de Supermarkt (Netherlands)1996<unknown>yes 
cdi henridesHenri Des - Les Betises (France)1993Philipsno 
cdi hetstaatHet staat in de Sterren (Netherlands)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hieperdeHieperdepiep, ik lees! - 10 leesspelletjes (Netherlands)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hierogHieroglyph (Germany)1994ZYX-Musicyes 
cdi histarteHistoria Universal del ARTE - La aventura de la expresion humana (Spain)1996Salvat Multimediayes 
cdi hitkara1Hit Karaoke Volume 1 - Nostalgie (France)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hitkara2Hit Karaoke Volume 2 - Annees 80-90 (France)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hitkara3Hit Karaoke Volume 3 - Gold's (France)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hitkara5Hit Karaoke Volume 5 - Top Club (France)1996Philipsyes 
cdi hollandsHollandse Meesters uit de Zeventiende Eeuw (Netherlands)1992Philipsyes 
cdi hondenliHondenliefde (Netherlands)1995AVROno 
cdi hotmarioHotel Mario (Europe)1994Philipsyes 
cdi hotmariopHotel Mario (prototype v0.09, 19931123)1994Philipsyeshotmario
cdi hotmariouHotel Mario (USA)1994Philipsyeshotmario
cdi howphotoHow to Photograph Nature (USA)[CD-i-Photo CD]1993Philipsyes 
cdi ikmikletIk, Mik, Letterland - een leesavontuur met maan roos vis (Netherlands)1996Philipsno 
cdi imaginatImagination in Motion - A New Era in 3D Chill Out Video (Europe)1996AIMS Multimediano 

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