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coleco 1on1One on One1984Micro Labyes 
coleco 20102010: The Graphic Action Game1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco 2010p2010: The Graphic Action Game (prototype v54)1984Coleco / CBSyes2010
coleco 2010p12010: The Graphic Action Game (prototype v44)1984Coleco / CBSyes2010
coleco alcazarAlcazar: The Forgotten Fortress1985Telegamesyes 
coleco alphazooAlphabet Zoo1984Spinnaker Softwareyes 
coleco amazingAmazing Bumpman1986Telegamesyes 
coleco antarctAntarctic Adventure1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco apshaiGateway to Apshai1984Epyxyes 
coleco aquatackAquattack1984Interphaseyes 
coleco aquatackaAquattack (alt)1984Interphaseyesaquatack
coleco artduelArtillery Duel1983Xonoxyes 
coleco bbearsThe Berenstain Bears (prototype)1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco bcquestBC's Quest for Tires1983Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco bcquest2BC's Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco bcquest2cBC's Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge (Canada)1984Coleco Canadayesbcquest2
coleco bcquest2caBC's Quest for Tires II: Grog's Revenge (Canada, bad?)1984Coleco Canadayesbcquest2
coleco bcquestcBC's Quest for Tires (Canada)1983Coleco Canadayesbcquest
coleco bdashBoulder Dash1987Telegamesyes 
coleco bdashpBoulder Dash (prototype?)1984Micro Funyesbdash
coleco beamridrBeamrider1983Activisionyes 
coleco blockrunBlockade Runner1984Interphaseyes 
coleco bnjBump 'n' Jump1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco brainstrBrain Strainers1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco btimeBurgertime1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco btimemBurgertime (prototype)1983Mattel Electronicsyesbtime
coleco buckrogBuck Rogers: Planet of Zoom1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco cabbageCabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park (OAA)1984OAA / Konamiyes 
coleco cabbageaCabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park (Coleco)1984Coleco / CBSyescabbage
coleco cabbagep1Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park (prototype)1984OAA / Konamiyescabbage
coleco cabbagep2Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventure in the Park (prototype, alt)1984Coleco / CBSyescabbage
coleco cabbshowCabbage Patch Kids Picture Show1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco campaignCampaign '841983Sunrise Softwareyes 
coleco carnivalCarnival1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco casteloCastelo1985Splice Visionyes 
coleco cavengerCosmic Avenger1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco cavengeraCosmic Avenger (alt)1982Coleco / CBSyescavenger
coleco ccrisisCosmic Crisis1983Telegamesyes 
coleco centipedCentipede1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco chopliftChoplifter!1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco chucknorChuck Norris Superkicks1983Xonoxyes 
coleco congoCongo Bongo1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco dambustrThe Dam Busters1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco dambustrcThe Dam Busters (Canada)1984Coleco / CBSyesdambustr
coleco decathlnDecathlon1984Activisionyes 
coleco defenderDefender1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco destructDestructor1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco digdugDig Dug (prototype)1984Atarisoftyes 
coleco dkongDonkey Kong1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco dkongaDonkey Kong (earlier)1982Coleco / CBSyesdkong
coleco dkongjrDonkey Kong Junior1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco dlairDragon's Lair (prototype, 0416)1984Coleco / CBSno 
coleco dncfntsyDance Fantasy1984Fisher-Priceyes 
coleco docastleMr. Do!'s Castle1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco drgnfireDragonFire1984Imagicyes 
coleco drseussDr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco drseusspDr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzle (prototype, rev r)1984Coleco / CBSyesdrseuss
coleco drseussp1Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzle Graphics Demo1984Coleco / CBSyesdrseuss
coleco evolutioEvolution1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco evolutioaEvolution (Telegames)198?Telegamesyesevolutio
coleco evolutiocEvolution (Canada)1983Coleco / CBSyesevolutio
coleco facemakrFacemaker1983Spinnaker Softwareyes 
coleco fallguyFall Guy (prototype)1983Fox Video Gamesyes 
coleco fathomFathom1983Imagicyes 
coleco ffreddyFrantic Freddy1983Spectravideoyes 
coleco finaltstFinal Test Cartridge (prototype)1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco flipslipFlipper Slipper1983Spectravideoyes 
coleco flipslipaFlipper Slipper (bad?)1983Spectravideoyesflipslip
coleco flipslipbFlipper Slipper (Telegames)198?Telegamesyesflipslip
coleco fortuneFortune Builder1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco fracfevrFraction Fever1983Spinnaker Softwareyes 
coleco frenzyFrenzy1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco frenzyaFrenzy (alt 1)1983Coleco / CBSyesfrenzy
coleco frenzya2Frenzy (alt 2)1983Coleco / CBSyesfrenzy
coleco froggerFrogger1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco frogger2Frogger II: Threedeep!1984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco frogger2pFrogger II: Threedeep! (prototype, 19840615)1984Parker Brothersyesfrogger2
coleco frontlinFront Line1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco frontlinaFront Line (alt)1983Coleco / CBSyesfrontlin
coleco galaxianGalaxian1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco galaxianaGalaxian (alt)1983Atarisoftyesgalaxian
coleco gorfGorf1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco gustbustGust Buster1983Sunrise Softwareyes 
coleco gyrussGyruss1984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco hazzardThe Dukes of Hazzard1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco heistThe Heist1983Micro Funyes 
coleco heistaThe Heist (trained?)1983Micro Funyesheist
coleco heistbThe Heist (trained?, alt)1983Micro Funyesheist
coleco heroH.E.R.O.1984Activisionyes 
coleco hustlerVideo Hustler (prototype)1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco hustler1Video Hustler (prototype, 19840727)1984Konamiyeshustler
coleco illusionIllusions1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco jbondJames Bond 0071984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco jmpmanjrJumpman Junior1984Epyxyes 
coleco jmpmanjraJumpman Junior (alt)1984Epyxyesjmpmanjr
coleco joustJoust (prototype)1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco jukeboxJuke Box1984Spinnaker Software Corpyes 
coleco junglehJungle Hunt1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco keykaperKeystone Kapers1984Activisionyes 
coleco kubjpokKen Uston Blackjack-Poker1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco ladybugLady Bug1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco lancelotSir Lancelot1983Xonoxyes 
coleco leeperLearning with Leeper1983Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco linklogcLinking Logic1984Fisher-Priceyes 
coleco logiclvlLogic Levels1984Fisher-Priceyes 
coleco loopingLooping1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco mashM*A*S*H (prototype)1983Fox Video Gamesyes 
coleco memmanorMemory Manor1984Fisher-Priceyes 
coleco meteoshoMeteoric Shower1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco mindmstrEscape from the Mindmaster (prototype)1983Epyxyes 
coleco mine2049Miner 2049er1983Micro Funyes 
coleco mine2049aMiner 2049er (alt)1983Micro Funyesmine2049
coleco mkingMountain King1984Sunrise Softwareyes 
coleco mkingaMountain King (alt)1984Sunrise Softwareyesmking
coleco monkeyMonkey Academy1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco monkeypMonkey Academy (prototype)1984Konamiyesmonkey
coleco monkeyp1Monkey Academy (prototype, 0511)1984Konamiyesmonkey
coleco montezumMontezuma's Revenge1984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco moonswprMoonsweeper1983Imagicyes 
coleco moonswpraMoonsweeper (alt)1983Imagicyesmoonswpr
coleco mrdoMr. Do!1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco mrdoaMr. Do! (alt)1983Coleco / CBSyesmrdo
coleco mtcracerMotocross Racer1984Xonoxyes 
coleco mtcraceraMotocross Racer (alt)1984Xonoxyesmtcracer
coleco mtrapMousetrap1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco mtrapaMousetrap (alt)1982Coleco / CBSyesmtrap
coleco musicboxMusic Box (demo)1987Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco novablstNova Blast1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco numbumpNumber Bumper1984Sunrise Softwareyesamazing
coleco oilswellOil's Well1984Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco oilswellaOil's Well (alt)1984Sierra On-Lineyesoilswell
coleco omegraceOmega Race1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco onlyrockIt's Only Rock 'n' Roll1984K-Telyes 
coleco orbitOrbit (prototype)1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco pacmanPac-Man (prototype)1983Atarisoftyes 
coleco panicSpace Panic1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco panicaSpace Panic (alt)1983Coleco / CBSyespanic
coleco pepper2Pepper II1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco pitfallPitfall!1983Activisionyes 
coleco pitfall2Pitfall II: Lost Caverns1984Activisionyes 
coleco pitfallaPitfall! (alt)1983Activisionyespitfall
coleco pitstopPitstop (Euro, USA, Canada)1983Epyxyes 
coleco pitstopaPitstop (USA, alt)1983Epyxyespitstop
coleco popeyePopeye1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco popeyeaPopeye (alt)1983Parker Brothersyespopeye
coleco porkysPorky's (prototype)1983Fox Video Gamesyes 
coleco powerPower Lords: Quest for Volcan (prototype)1984Probe 2000yes 
coleco powhemanMasters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man (prototype, hacked)1984Mattel Electronicsyes 
coleco qbertQ*bert1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco qbertaQ*bert (alt)1983Parker Brothersyesqbert
coleco qbertqubQ*bert Qubes1984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco qbertqubaQ*bert Qubes (alt?)1984Parker Brothersyesqbertqub
coleco quintanaQuest for Quintana Roo1983Sunrise Softwareyes 
coleco quintanaaQuest for Quintana Roo (alt)1983Sunrise Softwareyesquintana
coleco riveraidRiver Raid1984Activisionyes 
coleco robinhRobin Hood1984Xonoxyes 
coleco robinhaRobin Hood (alt)1984Xonoxyesrobinh
coleco rockboltRock 'n Bolt1984Telegamesyes 
coleco rockboltaRock 'n Bolt (alt)1984Telegamesyesrockbolt
coleco rockyRocky: Super Action Boxing1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco rocnropeRoc 'n Rope1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco rolloverRolloverture1983Sunrise Softwareyes 
coleco sabasebSuper Action Baseball1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco safootbSuper Action Football (Euro)1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco safootbuSuper Action Football (USA)1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco sammylfSammy Lightfoot1983Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco sammylfaSammy Lightfoot (alt)1983Sierra On-Lineyessammylf
coleco scobraSuper Cobra1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco scobraaSuper Cobra (alt)1983Parker Brothersyesscobra
coleco secalphaSector Alpha1983Spectravideoyes 
coleco sewersamSewer Sam1984Interphaseyes 
coleco skiingSkiing1986Telegamesyes 
coleco skiingaSkiing (bad?)1986Telegamesyesskiing
coleco slitherSlither1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco slurpySlurpy1984Xonoxyes 
coleco smurfSmurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco smurfaSmurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (alt)1982Coleco / CBSyessmurf
coleco smurfpSmurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (prototype)1982Coleco / CBSyessmurf
coleco smurfplySmurf Play and Learn (prototype)1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco smurfpntSmurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco spacfurySpace Fury1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco spacfuryaSpace Fury (alt)1983Coleco / CBSyesspacfury
coleco spectronSpectron1983Spectravideoyes 
coleco sprcrossSuper Cross Force1983Spectravideoyes 
coleco spyhuntSpy Hunter1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco spyhuntpSpy Hunter (prototype, v22)1984Coleco / CBSyesspyhunt
coleco spyhuntp1Spy Hunter (prototype, v13)1984Coleco / CBSyesspyhunt
coleco squishemSquish 'em Sam!1984Interphaseyes 
coleco ssketchSuper Sketch1984Personal Peripheralsyes 
coleco startrekStar Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco starwarsStar Wars: The Arcade Game1984Parker Brothersyes 
coleco starwarspStar Wars: The Arcade Game (prototype, 19840412)1984Parker Brothersyesstarwars
coleco steamSteamroller (prototype)1984Activisionyes 
coleco strikeitStrike It!1983Telegamesyes 
coleco subrocSubroc1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco subrocaSubroc (alt?)1983Coleco / CBSyessubroc
coleco superdkSuper DK! (prototype)1982Nintendoyes 
coleco suprdkjrSuper DK! Junior (prototype)1983Nintendoyes 
coleco suprtestSuper Controller Test Cartridge1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco swordSword and Sorcerer (prototype)1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tankwarsTank Wars1983Telegamesyes 
coleco tapperTapper1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tarzanTarzan: From out of the Jungle1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tellyTelly Turtle1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco threshldThreshold1983Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco timepltTime Pilot1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tomarcTomarc the Barbarian1984Xonoxyes 
coleco ttennisTournament Tennis1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tunnelsTunnels & Trolls (demo)1983Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco turboTurbo1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco tutankhmTutankham1983Parker Brothersyes 
coleco tutankhmaTutankham (alt)1983Parker Brothersyestutankhm
coleco upndownUp'n Down1984Segayes 
coleco ventureVenture1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco victoryVictory (Euro)1983CBSyes 
coleco victoryuVictory (USA)1983Colecoyesvictory
coleco wargamesWar Games1984Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco wargamespWar Games (prototype, 0417)1984Coleco / CBSyeswargames
coleco warroomWar Room1983Probe 2000yes 
coleco wingwarWing War1983Imagicyes 
coleco wizmathWizard of Id's Wizmath1984Sierra On-Lineyes 
coleco wordfeudWord Feud1984K-Telyes 
coleco yolkThe Yolks on You (prototype)1983Fox Video Gamesyes 
coleco zaxxonZaxxon (Coleco)1982Coleco / CBSyes 
coleco zaxxontZaxxon (Taiwan Cooper)198?Taiwan Cooperyeszaxxon
coleco zenjiZenji1984Activisionyes 

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