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software name & description  
3252 Softwares, page 1 / 14

cpc_cass 007tld007 The Living Daylights (UK)1987Domarkno 
cpc_cass 007tlds007 The Living Daylights (Spain)1987Domarkno007tld
cpc_cass 10best3Computing With The Amstrad - Ten of the Best! Volume 3 (UK)1987<covertape>no 
cpc_cass 10cohit110 Computer Hits 1 (UK)1985Beau-Jollyno 
cpc_cass 10frame10th Frame (UK)1986U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass 10megav110 Mega Games Volume One (UK)1989Gremlin Graphics Softwareno 
cpc_cass 10pinTen-Pin Challenge (UK)1987Atlantis Softwareno 
cpc_cass 11assoc11 A Side Soccer (UK)1989Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 1231 2 3 (UK)1988Silverbirdno 
cpc_cass 19421942 (UK)1986Elite Systemsno 
cpc_cass 1942batt1942 + Batty (Spain)1989MCM Softwareno 
cpc_cass 1942s1942 (Spain)1986Elite Systemsno1942
cpc_cass 19431943 (UK)1988Go!no 
cpc_cass 1stdivma1st Division Manager (UK)1992Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 1stmrmenFirst Steps with the Mr Men (UK)1985Mirrorsoftno 
cpc_cass 2_kggaunKiller Gorilla & Gauntlet (UK)1985Micro Powerno 
cpc_cass 20882088 (UK)1988Zeppelin Gamesno 
cpc_cass 2112ad2112 AD (Europe?, 64K)1986Design Designno 
cpc_cass 2foxs7csSamantha Fox Strip Poker + 7 Card Stud (UK)1986Martechno 
cpc_cass 2hmbhHeavy Metal + Beach-Head (Spain)1990U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass 2navarmyNavy Moves + Army Moves (Spain)1989Dinamic Softwareno 
cpc_cass 2psocsqd2 Player Soccer Squad (UK)1990Cultno 
cpc_cass 2psuplea2 Player Super League (UK)1989Cultno 
cpc_cass 2rockb2rRockford + Back To Reality (UK)1988Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass 2sdasShadow Dancer + Alien Storm (UK)1991U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass 2spitsfhSpitfire 40 + Strike Force Harrier (UK)1992Alternative Softwareno 
cpc_cass 2toteclpTotal Eclipse + Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx (UK)1989Incentiveno 
cpc_cass 2trapdorThe Trap Door + Through The Trap Door (UK)1988Alternative Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3as3 As (Europe?)1986Coktel Visionno 
cpc_cass 3dboxing3D Boxing (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass 3dc3DC (UK)1987Elite Systemsno 
cpc_cass 3dconstr3D Construction Kit v1.2 (UK)1991Incentiveno 
cpc_cass 3dfight3D Fight (France)1985Loricielsno 
cpc_cass 3dgp3D Grand Prix (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass 3dinvad3D-Invaders (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass 3dmoncha3D Monster Chase (UK)1985Romik Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3dplot43D-Plot 4 (Germany)1985Profisoftno 
cpc_cass 3dquasar3D Quasars (UK)1985Solar Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3dsfight3D Starfighter (UK)1987Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3dsnook3D Snooker (UK)1990Players Premierno 
cpc_cass 3dsstrik3D Starstrike (UK)1985Realtime Games Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3dstunt3D Stunt Rider (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass 3dsub3D-Sub (France)1985Loricielsno 
cpc_cass 3dttrek3D Time Trek (UK)1985Anirog Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3dvchess3-D Voicechess (UK)1985Deep Thought Softwareno 
cpc_cass 3weekparThree Weeks in Paradise (UK)1986Mikrogenno 
cpc_cass 464com01CPC 464 Computing Issue 01 (UK)1984Argus Press Softwareno 
cpc_cass 464com02CPC 464 Computing Issue 02 (UK)1984Argus Press Softwareno 
cpc_cass 464nraid464 Night Raider (Spain)1984<type-in>no 
cpc_cass 4cartoonQuattro Cartoon1989Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4firepowQuattro Firepower (UK)1989Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4gamepn14 Game Pack No. 1 (UK)1991Atlantis Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4gamepn24 Game Pack No. 2 (UK)1992Atlantis Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4gamepn34 Game Pack No. 3 (UK)1992Atlantis Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4ggam2Cuatro Grandes Juegos Vol. II (Spain?)19??Micro Valueno 
cpc_cass 4in1hit14 Games In 1 Pack - Hit Pack #1 (UK)1992Zeppelin Gamesno 
cpc_cass 4in1hit24 Games In 1 Pack - Hit Pack #2 (UK)1992Zeppelin Gamesno 
cpc_cass 4in1hit54 Games In 1 Pack - Hit Pack #5 (UK)1992Zeppelin Gamesno 
cpc_cass 4mostact4 Most Action (UK)1989Alternative Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4mostadvFourmost Adventures (UK)1986Global Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4socsim4 Soccer Simulators (UK)1989Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4thprotcThe Fourth Protocol (UK)1986Century Communicationsno 
cpc_cass 4x1Cuatro Por Uno (Spain)1988Dinamic Softwareno 
cpc_cass 4x4offrd4x4 Off-Road Racing (UK)1988Epyxno 
cpc_cass 500ccgp500cc Grand Prix (UK)1986Microidsno 
cpc_cass 5asideftFive A Side Footy (UK)1988Firebirdno 
cpc_cass 5asidescFive-a-Side Soccer (UK)1986Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass 5axeLe 5eme Axe (France)1985Loricielsno 
cpc_cass 5thquadThe Fifth Quadrant (UK)1987Bubble Bus Softwareno 
cpc_cass 6pak26-Pak Volume 2 (UK)1988Elite Systemsno 
cpc_cass 6pak36-Pak Volume 3 (UK, incomplete dump)1988Elite Systemsno 
cpc_cass 720720° (UK)1988U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass 750gp750cc Grand Prix (UK)1989Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass 7cardstd7 Card Stud (UK)1986Martechno 
cpc_cass a320A 320 (France)1988Loricielsno 
cpc_cass aaarghAaargh! (Spain)1988Melbourne Houseno 
cpc_cass ababolSir Ababol (UK)2010<homebrew>no 
cpc_cass abadiacrLa Abadia del Crimen (Spain)1987Opera Softno 
cpc_cass abracadaAbracadabra (Spain)1988Proein Soft Lineno 
cpc_cass aburnerAfter Burner (UK)1988Activisionno 
cpc_cass abusimblAbu Simbel Profanation (Spain)1986Dinamic Softwareno 
cpc_cass academyAcademy (UK)1987CRL Groupno 
cpc_cass aceACE (UK)1986Cascade Gamesno 
cpc_cass ace2ACE 2 (UK)1988Gamebustersno 
cpc_cass ace2sACE 2 (Spain)1988Gamebustersnoace2
cpc_cass aceofaceAce of Aces (UK)1987U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass acrojetAcroJet - The Advanced Flight Simulator (UK)1986Microprose Softwareno 
cpc_cass actforceAction Force (UK)1988Virgin Gamesno 
cpc_cass actionfgAction Fighter (UK)1989KIXXno 
cpc_cass activatrActivator (UK)1986Cascade Gamesno 
cpc_cass actnservAction Service (UK)1988Cobra Softno 
cpc_cass adamA.D.A.M (UK, ASL9DA)1985Micro Applicationno 
cpc_cass addamfamThe Addams Family (UK, 128K)1991Ocean Softwareno 
cpc_cass addrbookAddress Book (UK)1985VisioDatano 
cpc_cass adidasfbAdidas Championship Football (UK)1990Ocean Softwareno 
cpc_cass adidasfbsAdidas Championship Football (Spain)1990Ocean Softwarenoadidasfb
cpc_cass adidastbAdidas Championship Tie Break (UK)1990Ocean Softwareno 
cpc_cass adorLes 100% A d'Or (France)1989Ocean Softwareno 
cpc_cass adsAdvanced Destroyer Simulator (Spain)1990Loricielsno 
cpc_cass advanpinAdvanced Pinball Simulator (UK)1988Codemasters Softwareno 
cpc_cass advlawnAdvanced Lawnmowing Simulator (UK)2010<homebrew>no 
cpc_cass advquestAdventure Quest (UK, 64K)1984Level 9 Computingno 
cpc_cass afrtrailAfrican Trail Simulator (Spain)1990Positiveno 
cpc_cass aftermatAftermath (UK)1988Alternative Softwareno 
cpc_cass afteroidAfteroids (Spain)1988Ziguratno 
cpc_cass afterwarAfter the War (UK)1989Dinamic Softwareno 
cpc_cass afterwarsAfter the War (Spain)1989Dinamic Softwarenoafterwar
cpc_cass aftshockAfter Shock (UK)1986Interceptor Softwareno 
cpc_cass agentx2Agent X II (UK)1987Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass agorangeAgent Orange (UK)1986A&F Softwareno 
cpc_cass aigledorL'Aigle d'Or (France)1986Loricielsno 
cpc_cass airborneAirborne Ranger (UK)1988Microprose Softwareno 
cpc_cass airtraffAir Traffic Control (UK)1984Hewsonno 
cpc_cass airwolfAirwolf (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass airwolf2Airwolf II (Spain)1987Elite Systemsno 
cpc_cass airwolfaAirwolf (UK, alt)1985Amsoftnoairwolf
cpc_cass aladcaveAladdin's Cave (UK)1985Artic Computingno 
cpc_cass albmubi2L'Album UBI 2 (France)1989UBI Softno 
cpc_cass alertmisAlerta Misiles (Spain)1984Amsoftnoharratck
cpc_cass algebrefAlgebre (France)1986Vifi Internationalno 
cpc_cass alicandlAli Candil Y El Tesoro De Sierra Morena (Spain)1986Edisoftno 
cpc_cass alienAlien (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass alien8Alien 8 (UK)1985Ultimate Play the Gameno 
cpc_cass alien8aAlien 8 (UK, Ricochet)1985Ricochetnoalien8
cpc_cass alienbreAlien Break-In (UK)1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass alienhwAlien Highway (UK)1986Vortex Softwareno 
cpc_cass alienlgnAlien Legion (Spain)1991Mega Softno 
cpc_cass aliensAliens (UK)1986Activisionno 
cpc_cass alienscgAliens - The Computer Game (US)1987Activisionno 
cpc_cass alienslmDie Alien Slime (UK)1989Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass aliensynAlien Syndrome (UK)1987Aceno 
cpc_cass aliensynsAlien Syndrome (Spain)1987Acenoaliensyn
cpc_cass alkaheraAlkahera (UK)1985Budgieno 
cpc_cass alkaherazAlkahera (UK, Z Cobra)1987Z Cobranoalkahera
cpc_cass alpingamAlpine Games (UK)1987Atlantis Softwareno 
cpc_cass altbeastAltered Beast (UK)1989Activisionno 
cpc_cass altwgamAlternative World Games (UK)1987Gremlin Graphics Softwareno 
cpc_cass amauroteAmaurote (UK)1987Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass amcAMC - Astro Marine Corps (UK)1989Dinamic Softwareno 
cpc_cass amcsAMC - Astro Marine Corps (Spain)1989Dinamic Softwarenoamc
cpc_cass amdraw1Amdraw I (UK)1984Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amdraw1sAmdraw I (Spain?)1984Amsoftnoamdraw1
cpc_cass amdrumAmdrum (UK)1986Cheetah Marketingno 
cpc_cass amdrumakAmdrum Afrokit (UK)1986Cheetah Marketingno 
cpc_cass amdrumekAmdrum Electro Kit (UK)1986Cheetah Marketingno 
cpc_cass amdrumlkAmdrum Latin Kit (UK)1986Cheetah Marketingno 
cpc_cass amelminuAmelie Minuit (France)1985Ere Informatiqueno 
cpc_cass amerfootAmerican Football (UK)1984Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amerfootsAmerican Football (Spain, BASIC 1.0)1984Compulogicalnoamerfoot
cpc_cass americupThe America's Cup (UK)1986U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass ameritkAmerican Turbo King (UK)1989Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass ameritklAmerican Turbo King (UK, lightgun)1989Mastertronicnoameritk
cpc_cass amityvilPeur sur Amityville (France, 64K)1987UBI Softno 
cpc_cass amlettreAmlettres (France)1984Amsoft Francenoeasiaw
cpc_cass amomundoAmo del Mundo (Spain)1990Positiveno 
cpc_cass amsac004Amstrad Action (Issue 004) Christmas Gift1986Future Publishingyes 
cpc_cass amsac016Amstrad Action (Issue 016) Christmas Avalanche1986Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac028Amstrad Action (Issue 028) AA Christmas Gift-Pack1988Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac037Amstrad Action (Issue 037) Birthday Gift Pack1988Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac049Amstrad Action (Issue 049) Birthday Gift Pack1989Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac052Amstrad Action (Issue 052) AA Christmas Cassette1990Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac061Amstrad Action (Issue 061) Birthday Gift Pack1990Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac064Amstrad Action (Issue 064) Christmas Covertape1991Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac067Amstrad Action (Issue 067) Tape 01: Action Pack1991Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac068Amstrad Action (Issue 068) Tape 02: Action Pack1991Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac079Amstrad Action (Issue 079) Tape 13: Action Pack1992Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac081Amstrad Action (Issue 081) Tape 15: Action Pack1992Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac084Amstrad Action (Issue 084) Tape 18: Action Pack1992Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac092Amstrad Action (Issue 092) Tape 26: Classic Collection1993Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac093Amstrad Action (Issue 093) Tape 27: Classic Collection1993Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac094Amstrad Action (Issue 094) Tape 28: Classic Collection1993Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac097Amstrad Action (Issue 097) Tape 31: Classic Collection1993Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsac104Amstrad Action (Issue 104) Tape 38: Serious Action1994Future Publishingno 
cpc_cass amsartAmstrad Artist (UK)1985CRL Groupno 
cpc_cass amsbaseAmsbase (Spain)1984Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amscannrAmscanner (Spain)1985<homebrew>no 
cpc_cass amscu14Amstrad Computer User 14 (UK)1986<covertape>no 
cpc_cass amscu15Amstrad Computer User 15 (UK)1986<covertape>no 
cpc_cass amscu17Amstrad Computer User 17 (UK)1986<covertape>no 
cpc_cass amsdamesAmstra-Dames (France)1985Cobra Softno 
cpc_cass amsdisc1Amstrad Disco 1 (Spain)19??Ediciones Manali S.A.no 
cpc_cass amsforthAms-Forth v1.11 (UK)1984Skywave Softwareno 
cpc_cass amsgam1Amstrad Games 01 - Xider (Spain, BASIC 1.1)1986G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam2Amstrad Games 02 - S.O.S. (Spain)1986G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam3Amstrad Games 03 - Tomy en el Slalom (Spain)1987G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam4Amstrad Games 04 - Circuito De Lemans (Spain)1987G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam5Amstrad Games 05 - Cosmic Galactica (Spain)1987G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam6Amstrad Games 06 - Beta 2515 (Spain)1987G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgam7Amstrad Games 07 - Transx (Spain)1987G.T.S. Editorialno 
cpc_cass amsgold2Amstrad Gold Hits II (UK)1986U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass amsgold3Amstrad Gold Hits 3 (UK, split version?)1988U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass amsgoldhAmstrad Gold Hits (UK)1986U.S. Goldno 
cpc_cass amsgolfAmsGolf (UK)1984Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amsilvanAmsilvania Castle (Spain)1987Magic Teamno 
cpc_cass amsmag05Compilation Amstrad Magazine Numero 05 (France)1985<covertape>no 
cpc_cass amsmani1Amstrad Mania 1 (Spain)1986Editorial Cometano 
cpc_cass amsmani2Amstrad Mania 2 (Spain)1986Editorial Cometano 
cpc_cass amsmani3Amstrad Mania 3 (Spain)1986Editorial Cometano 
cpc_cass amsmani4Amstrad Mania 4 (Spain)1986Editorial Cometano 
cpc_cass amsmani5Amstrad Mania 5 (Spain)1986Editorial Cometano 
cpc_cass amsoccerAmsoccer (UK)1986IJKno 
cpc_cass amsoft12Amsoft 12-Pack (UK)1984Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amsomnibThe Amazing Amstrad Omnibus (UK)1985Interface Publicationsno 
cpc_cass amspaintAmstrad Paint (UK)1985No Man's Landno 
cpc_cass amstestAmstest1985Amsoftno 
cpc_cass amstestsAmstest (Spain)1985Indescompnoamstest
cpc_cass amstradsAmstrad Sound Editor (Spain)1984<type-in>no 
cpc_cass amstragnAmstragenda (Spain)1986Software Centerno 
cpc_cass amstramgAm Stram Graph (France)1985Micro Programmes 5no 
cpc_cass amstroidAmstroid (France)1985Spritesno 
cpc_cass amsunlckAmstrad Unlocked (UK)1985Strategy Softwareno 
cpc_cass amsvp01Amstrad Video-Play 01 - Feliz Navidad (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp02Amstrad Video-Play 02 - Defender (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp03Amstrad Video-Play 03 - Super Robot (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp04Amstrad Video-Play 04 - Back-Tron (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp05Amstrad Video-Play 05 - Woxxox (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp06Amstrad Video-Play 06 - Siro (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp07Amstrad Video-Play 07 - Zone (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp08Amstrad Video-Play 08 - Dirk (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp09Amstrad Video-Play 09 - Fly (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp10Amstrad Video-Play 10 - Tron Warrior (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp11Amstrad Video-Play 11 - Buscate La Vida (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amsvp12Amstrad Video-Play 12 - Eagle (Spain)1987P.P.P. Edicionesno 
cpc_cass amswordAmsword (UK)1984Tasman Softwareno 
cpc_cass amswordfTraitement de Textes Pro (France)1984Tasman Softwarenoamsword
cpc_cass amswordsAmsword (Spain)1984Tasman Softwarenoamsword
cpc_cass amxmouseAMX Mouse (UK)1985Cygnet Computer Consultants.no 
cpc_cass anarchyAnarchy (UK)1988Hewsonno 
cpc_cass anatomieAnatomie (France)1985Coreno 
cpc_cass ancbattlEncyclopaedia of War - Ancient Battles (UK)1988Cases Computer Simulatorsno 
cpc_cass android1Android One - The Reactor Run1985Vortex Softwareno 
cpc_cass android2Android 2 (UK)1985Vortex Softwareno 
cpc_cass andycappAndy Capp (UK)1987Mirrorsoftno 
cpc_cass ang500ccAngel Nieto Pole 500 (Spain)1990Opera Softno 
cpc_cass angecrisL'Ange de Cristal (France)1988Ere Informatiquenogetdext2
cpc_cass angeliqAngelique - A Grief Encounter (UK)1985Nemesisno 
cpc_cass anglebalAngleball (UK)1987Mastertronicno 
cpc_cass animatorThe Animator (UK)1986Discoveryno 
cpc_cass anistripAnimated Strip Poker (UK)1985Knight Softno 
cpc_cass annromeAnnals of Rome (UK)1986Pssno 
cpc_cass ans500gsAnswer Back Factfile 500 - General Science - Ages 14-Adult (UK)1988Kosmosno 
cpc_cass ans500spAnswer Back Factfile 500 - Spelling Ages 6 - 11 (UK)1988Kosmosno 
cpc_cass ansjquizAnswer Back Junior Quiz (UK)1986Kosmosno 
cpc_cass antaresAntares (Spain)1987Dro Softno 
cpc_cass antiriadThe Sacred Armour of Antiriad (UK)1986Palace Softwareno 
cpc_cass antiriadfL'Armure Sacree d'Antiriad1986Palace Softwarenoantiriad
cpc_cass antiriadgDie Heilige Rustung Des Antiriad (Germany)1986Palace Softwarenoantiriad
cpc_cass antiriadsLa Armadura Sacrada de Antiriad (Spain)1986Palace Softwarenoantiriad
cpc_cass apacheglThe Legend of Apache Gold (UK)1987Incentiveno 
cpc_cass apbAPB (UK)1989Domarkno 

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