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MAME: 0.265 - Released: 2024-04-23T21:34:29 - Machines: 46750 - rom: 351491 - disk: 1325 - Lists: 714 - Software: 137832 - rom: 233686 - disk: 11065

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software name & description  
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ibm5150_hdd mmsdos4Multitasking MS-DOS (Version 4.00)1985Microsoftyes 
ibm5150_hdd msdos211AT&T Personal Computer 6300 DOS Release 2.0 (MS-DOS 2.11)1984AT&Tyes 
ibm5150_hdd msdos33aMS-DOS (Version 3.30A)1987Microsoftyes 
ibm5150_hdd msdos4MS-DOS (Version 4.00)1988Microsoftyes 
ibm5150_hdd msdos5MS-DOS (Version 5.00)1991Microsoftyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos2IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 2.00)1983IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos21IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 2.10)1983IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos3IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 3.00)1984IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos31IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 3.10)1985IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos32IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 3.20)1986IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd pcdos33IBM Personal Computer DOS (Version 3.30)1987IBMyes 
ibm5150_hdd windowsMicrosoft Windows Version 1.01985Microsoftyes 
ibm5150_hdd xenix86SCO XENIX System V release 2.1.3 for i80861986SCOyes 

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