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MAME: 0.266 - Released: 2024-05-29T20:18:47 - Machines: 46833 - rom: 351969 - disk: 1327 - Lists: 703 - Software: 137979 - rom: 233897 - disk: 11103

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software name & description  
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ibm5170_hdd drdos6DR DOS 6.01991Digital Researchyes 
ibm5170_hdd drdos703DR DOS 7.031999Calderayes 
ibm5170_hdd drdosl703DR DOS Lite 7.031999Calderayesdrdos703
ibm5170_hdd freedos10FreeDOS 1.02006The FreeDOS Projectyes 
ibm5170_hdd freedos13rc4FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 42021The FreeDOS Projectyes 
ibm5170_hdd msdos331MS-DOS (Version 3.31)1987Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd msdos5MS-DOS (Version 5.00)1991Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd msdos6MS-DOS (Version 6.00)1992Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd msdos62MS-DOS (Version 6.20)1993Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd msdos622MS-DOS (Version 6.22)1994Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd nvldos51Novell DR Multiuser DOS Release 5.11992Novellyes 
ibm5170_hdd nvldos7Novell DOS 71994Novellyes 
ibm5170_hdd odos701Caldera OpenDOS 7.011997Calderayes 
ibm5170_hdd odosl701Caldera OpenDOS Lite 7.011997Calderayes 
ibm5170_hdd os2warp3bOS/2 Warp with Win-OS/21995IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd os2warp3cbOS/2 Warp Connect with Win-OS/21995IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd pcdos2kIBM PC DOS 20001998IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd pcdos5IBM DOS (Version 5.00)1991IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd pcdos502IBM DOS (Version 5.02)1992IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd pcdos61IBM DOS (Version 6.1)1993IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd pcdos63PC DOS (Version 6.3)1993IBMyes 
ibm5170_hdd wfw31Windows for Workgroups Version 3.11992Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd wfw311Windows for Workgroups Version 3.111993Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd wi211386Microsoft Windows/386 Version 2.111989Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win21386Microsoft Windows/386 Version 2.11988Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win30Microsoft Windows Version 3.01990Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win31Windows Version 3.11992Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win311Windows Version 3.111993Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win95Windows 951995Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd win98seWindows 98 Second Edition1999Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd winnt31wWindows NT 3.1 Workstation (3.10.511.1)1993Microsoftyes 
ibm5170_hdd winnt351wWindows NT 3.51 Workstation (3.51.1057.1)1995Microsoftyes 

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