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MAME: 0.265 - Released: 2024-04-23T21:34:29 - Machines: 46750 - rom: 351491 - disk: 1325 - Lists: 714 - Software: 137832 - rom: 233686 - disk: 11065

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software name & description  
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mac_flop_clcracked 7citygoldSeven Cities of Gold (san inc crack)1986Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked altegof11Alter Ego (version 1.1 female) (san inc crack)1986Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked altegom10Alter Ego (male version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked altrcityAlternate Reality: The City (version 3.0) (san inc crack)1987Datasoftyes 
mac_flop_clcracked antkiti10Animation Toolkit I: The Players (version 1.0) (4am crack)1984Ann Arbor Softworksyes 
mac_flop_clcracked bopow103Balance of Power (version 1.03) (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked bortimeBorrowed Time (san inc crack)1985Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked chsmst2k102The Chessmaster 2000 (version 1.02) (4am crack)1986Software Toolworksyes 
mac_flop_clcracked chstarlbbChampionship Star League Baseball (san inc crack)1985Gamestaryes 
mac_flop_clcracked crimcrownThe Crimson Crown (san inc crack)1985Penguin Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked cutthr23Cutthroats (release 23 / 840809-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked cxbase50011CX Base 500 (French, version 1.1) (san inc crack)1986Control Xyes 
mac_flop_clcracked deadliner27Deadline (release 27 / 831005-C) (4am crack)1983Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked defcrownDefender of the Crown (san inc crack)1987Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dejavuDéjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!! (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dejavuiiDéjà Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas!! (san inc crack)1988Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dejavurub23Déjà Vu (version 2.3) (4am crack)1985Rubicon Publishingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dlxmuscset10Deluxe Music Construction Set (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dnhillracDownhill Racer (san inc crack)1986Miles Computingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dolsense13Dollars and Sense (version 1.3) (4am crack)1984Monogram Publishingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dragonwldDragonworld (4am crack)1985Telariumyes 
mac_flop_clcracked dueltd2The Duel: Test Drive II (san inc crack)1989Accoladeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked exlisp10ExperLisp (version 1.0) (4am crack)1985ExperTelligenceyes 
mac_flop_clcracked forcastleForbidden Castle (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked fusill10Fusillade (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985Miles Computingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked geom11Geometry (version 1.1) (4am crack)1986Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked habadex11Habadex (version 1.1) (4am crack)1984Haba Systemsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked hackeriiHacker II (san inc crack)1986Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked harstkmHarrier Strike Mission (san inc crack)1985Miles Computingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked hitchgr47The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (release 47 / 840914-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked ijrevancIndiana Jones and the Revenge of the Ancients (san inc crack)1987Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked infidelr22Infidel (release 22 / 840522-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked jamses10Jam Session (version 1.0) (4am crack)1987Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked kingchicThe King of Chicago (san inc crack)1986Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked lodrun10Lode Runner (version 1.0) (4am crack)1984Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked lolrgoh20Legends of the Lost Realm I: The Gathering of Heroes (version 2.0) (4am crack)1989The Avalon Hill Game Companyyes 
mac_flop_clcracked luschproThe Lüscher Profile (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macbup26MacBackup (version 2.6) (4am crack)1985Practical Computer Applicationsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macchrevMacCheckers and Reversi (4am crack)1984Videxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked maccopy11MacCopy (version 1.1) (4am crack)1985Tesseract Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macgam10MacGammon! (version 1.0) (4am crack)1984Expert Systemsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macgolf20MacGolf (version 2.0) (4am crack)1985Practical Computer Applicationsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macpfball10Mac Pro Football (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985The Avalon Hill Game Companyyes 
mac_flop_clcracked macwarsMacWars (san inc crack)1985Miles Computingyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mathblt10Math Blaster (version 1.0) (4am crack)1985Davidson & Associatesyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mazesurvMaze Survival (san inc crack)1987BLUE WHALE gameworksyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mexcel100Microsoft Excel (version 1.00) (san inc crack)1985Microsoftyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mfile104Microsoft File (version 1.04) (san inc crack)1986Microsoftyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mindprb10The Mind Prober (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1984Human Edge Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mindshdwMindshadow (san inc crack)1985Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked morrev10Moriarty's Revenge (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1989Bull City Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked morrev103Moriarty's Revenge (version 1.03) (4am crack)1989Bull City Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked mousest100Mouse Stampede (version 1.00) (4am crack)1984Mark of the Unicornyes 
mac_flop_clcracked msttckpr110Master Tracks Pro (version 1.10) (san inc crack)1987Passport Designsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked msttckpr200hMaster Tracks Pro (version 2.00h) (san inc crack)1987Passport Designsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked msttckpr34aMaster Tracks Pro (version 3.4a) (san inc crack)1989Passport Designsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked msttrkpr40Master Tracks Pro (version 4.0) (san inc crack)1989Passport Designsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked murbydoztMurder by the Dozen (Thunder Mountain) (4am crack)1984Thunder Mountainyes 
mac_flop_clcracked myoff27My Office (version 2.7) (4am crack)1985DataPak Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked oneononeOne on One (san inc crack)1985Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked orbqst104Orb Quest: Part I: The Search for Seven Wards (version 1.04) (san inc crack)1986QWareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked patstbck10Patton Strikes Back (version 1.00) (san inc crack)1991Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked patvsrom105Patton vs. Rommel (version 1.05) (san inc crack)1986Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked pensate11Pensate (version 1.1) (4am crack)1984Penguin Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked pfsfra00pfs: file & pfs: report (version A.00) (4am crack)1984Software Publishing Corporationyes 
mac_flop_clcracked physics10Physics (version 1.0) (4am crack)1987Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked physics12Physics (version 1.2) (4am crack)1989Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked pinballcsPinball Construction Set (version 2.5) (san inc crack)1985Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked pipedr12Pipe Dream (version 1.2) (4am crack)1989LucasArtsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked procom23mfxProfessional Composer (version 2.3Mfx) (san inc crack)1990Mark of the Unicornyes 
mac_flop_clcracked qsheet10Q-Sheet (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1987Digidesign, Inc.yes 
mac_flop_clcracked ramboRambo: First Blood Part II (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked rdrab20Reader Rabbit (version 2.0) (4am crack)1987The Learning Companyyes 
mac_flop_clcracked rogue10Rogue (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985Epyxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked schboxingSierra Championship Boxing (4am crack)1985Sierra On-Lineyes 
mac_flop_clcracked seastkr15Seastalker (release 15 / 840522-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked shangh10Shanghai (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1986Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked shdwgateShadowgate (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked shufcafe10Shufflepuck Cafe (version 1.0) (4am crack)1988Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked simcity11SimCity (version 1.1) (4am crack)1989Maxisyes 
mac_flop_clcracked simcity12SimCity (version 1.2, black & white) (4am crack)1989Maxisyes 
mac_flop_clcracked simearth10SimEarth (version 1.0) (4am crack)1990Maxisyes 
mac_flop_clcracked skyfoxSkyfox (san inc crack)1986Electronic Artsyes 
mac_flop_clcracked smhitr101Smash Hit Racquetball (version 1.01) (san inc crack)1986Primera Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked smthtlk10SmoothTalker (version 1.0) (4am crack)1984First Byteyes 
mac_flop_clcracked spdrdii11Speed Reader II (version 1.1) (4am crack)1985Davidson & Associatesyes 
mac_flop_clcracked spellbee11Speller Bee (version 1.1) (4am crack)1985First Byteyes 
mac_flop_clcracked ssmagic12The Slide Show Magician (version 1.2) (4am crack)1984Magnum Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked strego10Stratego (version 1.0) (4am crack)1990Accoladeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked strekkob10Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1985Simon & Schusteryes 
mac_flop_clcracked surgeon15The Surgeon (version 1.5) (san inc crack)1985ISMyes 
mac_flop_clcracked suspectr14Suspect (release 14 / 841005-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked tapt850930Temple of Apshai Trilogy (version 1985-09-30) (san inc crack)1985Epyxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked tapt851008Temple of Apshai Trilogy (version 1985-10-08) (san inc crack)1985Epyxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked tasstoneTass Times in Tonetown (san inc crack)1986Activisionyes 
mac_flop_clcracked themistThe Mist (san inc crack)1985Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked thequestThe Quest (4am crack)1984Penguin Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked toyshop11The Toy Shop (version 1.1) (san inc crack)1986Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked ttk1281000ThinkTank 128 (version 1.000) (4am crack)1984Living Videotextyes 
mac_flop_clcracked uninvit10Uninvited (version 1.0) (san inc crack)1986Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked uninvit21d1Uninvited (version 2.1D1) (san inc crack)1986Mindscapeyes 
mac_flop_clcracked wgam851024Winter Games (version 1985-10-24) (san inc crack)1985Epyxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked wgam851031Winter Games (version 1985-10-31) (san inc crack)1985Epyxyes 
mac_flop_clcracked wheurocs10Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? (version 1.0) (4am crack)1989Brøderbund Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked wishbrr68Wishbringer (release 68 / 850501-D) (4am crack)1985Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked witnessr22The Witness (release 22 / 840924-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked wizard110Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (version 1.10) (san inc crack)1985Sir-Tech Softwareyes 
mac_flop_clcracked zorkiiir17Zork III (release 17 / 840727-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 
mac_flop_clcracked zorkiir48Zork II (release 48 / 840904-C) (4am crack)1984Infocomyes 

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