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MAME: 0.264 - Released: 2024-03-25T16:22:50 - Machines: 46695 - rom: 351237 - disk: 1324 - Lists: 713 - Software: 137489 - rom: 233279 - disk: 11064

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ibm5150 ddragonaDouble Dragon (5.25", older)1988Arcadiayesddragon
ibm5150 ddribbleDouble Dribble1990Konamiyes 
ibm5150 deadlineDeadline (release 26, PC Booter)1982Infocomyes 
ibm5150 deadlinr27Deadline (release 27)1986Infocomyes 
ibm5150 deathtrkDeathTrack1989Activisionyes 
ibm5150 decathlnMicrosoft Decathlon (cracked)1982Microsoftyes 
ibm5150 defcrownDefender of the Crown [ega] (PC Booter)1987Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 defcrwnDefender of the Crown1987Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 defenderDefender1984Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 defender_crDefender (cracked)1983Atarisoftyesdefender
ibm5150 demonfrgDemon's Forge1987Mastertronicsyes 
ibm5150 desk3DeskMate (3.05, 5.25")1990Tandyyes 
ibm5150 desk3_35DeskMate (3.05, 3.5")1990Tandyyesdesk3
ibm5150 desqDESQ1984Quarterdeckyes 
ibm5150 desqviewDESQview 1.031986Quarterdeckyes 
ibm5150 desqviewaDESQview 1.021986Quarterdeckyesdesqview
ibm5150 destroyrDestroyer1987Epyxyes 
ibm5150 dgeneratD/Generation1991Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 diag100Diagnostics (Version 1.00)1981IBMyes 
ibm5150 diag202aIBM System Diagnostics v 2.02 (Version A)198?IBMyes 
ibm5150 diag202bIBM System Diagnostics v 2.02 (Version B)198?IBMyes 
ibm5150 diagn208IBM System Diagnostics v 2.08198?IBMyes 
ibm5150 diagpc4iNCR PC4I System Diagnostics Disk198?NCRyes 
ibm5150 dicktracDick Tracy1990Titusno 
ibm5150 dicktrcsDick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure1991Walt Disney Computer Softwareyes 
ibm5150 diehardDie Hard (5.25")1989Activisionyes 
ibm5150 diehard35Die Hard (3.5")1989Activisionyesdiehard
ibm5150 digdugDig Dug (Atarisoft)1983Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 digdug_cDig Dug (cracked)1983Atarisoftyesdigdug
ibm5150 digdugaDig Dug (Datasoft)1984Datasoftyesdigdug
ibm5150 diggerDigger (cracked)1983Windmill Softwareyes 
ibm5150 dkkrynnAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (5.25", v1.00)1991SSIyes 
ibm5150 dkkrynn35Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (3.5", v1.00)1991SSIyesdkkrynn
ibm5150 dkkrynn35aAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (3.5", v1.10)1992SSIyesdkkrynn
ibm5150 dkongDonkey Kong (cracked)1983Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 dlxpnt2frDeluxePaint II-PC (French)1988Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 dmnstombDemon's Tomb - The Awakening1989Virgin Mastertronicyes 
ibm5150 dominoDomino 1.01991Scandinavian PC Systemsyes 
ibm5150 donaldDonald Duck's Playground1986Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 drakkhenDrakkhen (EGA, CGA, VGA)1990Infogramesyes 
ibm5150 drakkhenaDrakkhen (EGA, CGA)1990Infogramesyesdrakkhen
ibm5150 drdos6frDR DOS 6.0 (French)1991Digital Researchyes 
ibm5150 drdos6fruDR DOS 6.0 Business Update (French, 5.25")1992Digital Researchyes 
ibm5150 drdos6fru35DR DOS 6.0 Business Update (French, 3.5")1992Digital Researchyesdrdos6fru
ibm5150 dreamtmThe Dream Team: 3 on 3 Challenge1991Data Eastyes 
ibm5150 drgnflamDragons of Flame1989SSIpartial 
ibm5150 drgnstrkAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike (v1.2)1990SSIyes 
ibm5150 drgnstrkaAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike (v1.0)1990SSIyesdrgnstrk
ibm5150 drgnstrkbAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike (v1.1)1990SSIyesdrgnstrk
ibm5150 dspiritDragon Spirit1991Domarkyes 
ibm5150 ducktaleDuck Tales: The Quest for Gold1990Walt Disney Computer Softwareyes 
ibm5150 dunzhinDunzhin: Warrior of Ras Volume I1982Computer Applications Unlimitedyes 
ibm5150 dunzhinaDunzhin: Warrior of Ras Volume I (cracked)1982Computer Applications Unlimitedyesdunzhin
ibm5150 earlweavEarl Weaver Baseball1989Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 earthlyEarthly Delights1986Roger Webster/Dan'l Levitonyes 
ibm5150 easypcEasy-PC Demonstrator for Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics1991Number One Systemsyes 
ibm5150 easywr1EasyWriter (Version 1.00)1981IBMyes 
ibm5150 ebertmhcRoger Ebert's Deluxe Movie Home Companion - 1986-1992 Editions1992Shryer Publishingyes 
ibm5150 echecs3dEchecs 3D (French)1986France Image Logicielyes 
ibm5150 ecpm8611Eagle CP/M-86 (Version 1.1B)1983Digital Researchyes 
ibm5150 editexteEDITEXTE1992Gérard Lyannazyes 
ibm5150 elviraElvira: Mistress of the Dark1990Accoladeyes 
ibm5150 emmanuelEmmanuelle: A Game of Eroticism1989Tomahawkyes 
ibm5150 empireEmpire - Wargame of the Century1988Interstelyes 
ibm5150 enchantrEnchanter1983Infocomyes 
ibm5150 execstExecutive Suite1982Armonk Corporationyes 
ibm5150 expwillExpert Will (v1.4)1990Expert Softwareyes 
ibm5150 eyehorusEye of Horus1989Fanfareyes 
ibm5150 f15seF-15 Strike Eagle (3.5", v402.02)1985MicroProseyes 
ibm5150 f15se_35aF-15 Strike Eagle (3.5", v402.01)1985MicroProseyesf15se
ibm5150 f15se_525F-15 Strike Eagle (5.25")1985MicroProseyesf15se
ibm5150 f15se_525cF-15 Strike Eagle (5.25", cracked)1985MicroProseyesf15se
ibm5150 f15se2F-15 Strike Eagle II1989MicroProseno 
ibm5150 f19F-19 Stealth Fighter (Version 435.04, manual protection)1988MicroProseyes 
ibm5150 f19aF-19 Stealth Fighter (Version 435.04, disk + manual protection)1988MicroProseyesf19
ibm5150 f29retalF29 Retaliator1990Ocean Softwareyes 
ibm5150 facemakrFacemaker1982Spinnaker Software Corporationyes 
ibm5150 ferrarf1Ferrari Formula One1989Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 feudFeud1988Mastertronicyes 
ibm5150 finalchsThe Final ChessCard (v1.9)1990Tascyes 
ibm5150 finalchs15The Final ChessCard (v1.5)1989Tascyesfinalchs
ibm5150 finorbitFinal Orbit1990Innerpriseyes 
ibm5150 firefor2Fire & Forget II (5.25")1990Titusyes 
ibm5150 firefor2_35Fire & Forget II (3.5")1990Tituspartialfirefor2
ibm5150 firepowrFire Power1988MicroIllusionsyes 
ibm5150 fleetswpFleet Sweep1983Mirror Image Softwareyes 
ibm5150 fpcarcadFriendlyware PC Arcade (v1.1)1983FriendlySoftyes 
ibm5150 fredfishFreddy Fish1983Mirror Image Softwareyes 
ibm5150 fredhardFreddy Hardest1988Dinamicyes 
ibm5150 freedos13rc4_720FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 (Floppy-Only Edition, 3.5" 720k)2021The FreeDOS Projectyes 
ibm5150 froggerFrogger1983Sierrayes 
ibm5150 frogger2Frogger 2: Three Deep1984Segayes 
ibm5150 frontlineFrontline1990Cases Computer Simulationsyes 
ibm5150 fta1The Faery Tale Adventure: Book I1989MicroIllusionsyes 
ibm5150 futurwarFuture Wars - Adventures in Time (5.25")1990Interplayyes 
ibm5150 futurwar35Future Wars - Adventures in Time (3.5")1990Interplayyesfuturwar
ibm5150 galaxantGalaxian (Tengen version)1983Tengenyes 
ibm5150 galaxianGalaxian1983Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 gameoverGame Over + Phantis Spanish1988Dinamicyes 
ibm5150 gameovr2Game Over II198?Dinamicyes 
ibm5150 gameovr2aGame Over II (alt)198?Dinamicyesgameovr2
ibm5150 gammafrcGamma Force in Pit of a Thousand Screams1988Infocomyes 
ibm5150 gauntletGauntlet1988Mindscapeno 
ibm5150 gauntlt2Gauntlet II1989Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 gedgsampGamer's Edge Sampler - Catacomb and Dangerous Dave1991Softdiskyes 
ibm5150 gettysbgGettysburg: The Turning Point (v2.0)1987SSIyes 
ibm5150 ghostbs2Ghostbusters II1989Activisionyes 
ibm5150 ghostbstGhostbusters1986Activisionno 
ibm5150 ghostbst_crGhostbusters (cracked)1986Activisionyesghostbst
ibm5150 goldnaxeGolden Axe (5.25")1990Segayes 
ibm5150 goldnaxe35Golden Axe (3.5")1990Virgin Gamesyesgoldnaxe
ibm5150 goldnaxeaGolden Axe (5.25", alt)1990Segayesgoldnaxe
ibm5150 goldrushGold Rush (5.25", v2.01)1988Sierrayes 
ibm5150 goldrush35Gold Rush (3.5", v2.01)1988Sierrayesgoldrush
ibm5150 gosimGo Simulator1992Infogramesyes 
ibm5150 gpcircuitGrand Prix Circuit1988Accoladeyes 
ibm5150 gremlinsGremlins1984Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 gremlins_crGremlins (cracked)1984Atarisoftyesgremlins
ibm5150 gryzorGryzor1987Ocean Softwareyes 
ibm5150 gunboatGunboat: River Combat Simulation1990Accoladeyes 
ibm5150 gunboataGunboat: River Combat Simulation (The Hit Squad release)1992The Hit Squadyesgunboat
ibm5150 gunshipGunship1987MicroProseyes 
ibm5150 gwarGuerrilla War (5.25")1987Data Eastyes 
ibm5150 gwar35Guerrilla War (3.5")1987Data Eastyesgwar
ibm5150 hackerHacker1985Activisionyes 
ibm5150 hacker2Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers1986Activisionyes 
ibm5150 hacker2aHacker II: The Doomsday Papers (alt)1986Activisionyeshacker2
ibm5150 hardbal2Hardball II1989Accoladeyes 
ibm5150 harerhHare Raising Havoc (USA)1991Walt Disney Computer Softwareyes 
ibm5150 harpoonHarpoon1989Three-Sixtyyes 
ibm5150 harpoonbs2Harpoon Battleset 2 - North Atlantic Convoys1989Three-Sixtyyes 
ibm5150 hellcatHellcat Ace1984MicroProseyes 
ibm5150 herolancHeroes of the Lance1991SSIyes 
ibm5150 herosqstHero's Quest: So You Want to be a Hero1989Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 hhmackHard Hat Mack (cracked)1984Electronic Artsno 
ibm5150 hillsfarHillsfar (3.5", v1.2)1989SSIyes 
ibm5150 hillsfar35aHillsfar (3.5", v1.0)1989SSIyeshillsfar
ibm5150 hillsfar35bHillsfar (3.5", v1.1)1989SSIyeshillsfar
ibm5150 hillsfar525Hillsfar (5.25", v1.0)1989SSIyeshillsfar
ibm5150 hitchikrThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy1984Infocomyes 
ibm5150 hobbitThe Hobbit1984Infocomyes 
ibm5150 homealn2Home Alone 2: Lost in New York1992Capstoneyes 
ibm5150 homealonHome Alone - A Family Game Without the Family1991Capstoneyes 
ibm5150 hostageHostage: Rescue Mission1989Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 hoylev3Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 3 (EGA release)1991Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 hptermHP Terminal Program HP24597A1988Hewlett-Packardyes 
ibm5150 huntredThe Hunt for Red October1988Datasoftyes 
ibm5150 ibmcobolIBM Personal Computer COBOL Compiler (Version 1.00)1982IBMyes 
ibm5150 ibmcom1Asynchronous Communications Support (Version 1.00)1981IBMyes 
ibm5150 ikariIkari Warriors1987Data Eastyes 
ibm5150 ikariaIkari Warriors (alt)1987Data Eastyesikari
ibm5150 incaInca1985Hayden Softwareno 
ibm5150 indy3advIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Graphic Adventure1989U.S. Goldyes 
ibm5150 indy3advgIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Graphic Adventure (Germany)1989U.S. Goldyesindy3adv
ibm5150 indy500Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (5.25")1989Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 indy500_35Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (3.5", newer)1989Electronic Artsyesindy500
ibm5150 indy500_35aIndianapolis 500: The Simulation (3.5")1989Electronic Artsyesindy500
ibm5150 indycrusIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Action Game (5.25")1989Lucasfilm - U.S. Goldyes 
ibm5150 indycrus35Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - The Action Game (Kixx release)1989Kixxyesindycrus
ibm5150 indytodIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1989Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 infocomThe Lost Treasures of Infocom1991Infocomyes 
ibm5150 infocom2The Lost Treasures of Infocom II1992Infocomyes 
ibm5150 intkaratInternational Karate1990System 3 Softwareyes 
ibm5150 intsocchInternational Soccer Challenge (Virtual Reality Vol. 1 compilation)1990Eliteyes 
ibm5150 ironmnsoIvan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road (5.25")1990Virgin Mastertronicyes 
ibm5150 ironmnso35Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road (3.5", 16 Blitz release)199216 Blitzyesironmnso
ibm5150 isharIshar: Legend of the Fortress1992Silmarilsyes 
ibm5150 italy90Italy '90 Soccer (Italy)1989Simulmondoyes 
ibm5150 jbirdJ-Bird (cracked)1983Greg Kuperbergyes 
ibm5150 jelwayqbJohn Elway's Quarterback1988Melbourne Houseyes 
ibm5150 jetfightJetFighter I: The Adventure1991Velocityno 
ibm5150 jingdiskJingle Disk1986ThoughtWareyes 
ibm5150 joebladeJoe Blade (Smash16 release)1992Interceptor Softwareyes 
ibm5150 jonesfstJones in the Fast Lane (VGA release)1990Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 jonesfstaJones in the Fast Lane (EGA release)1990Sierra On-Lineyesjonesfst
ibm5150 jordbirdJordan vs. Bird: One on One1988Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 jumpmanJumpman1984IBMyes 
ibm5150 junglehJungle Hunt1983Atarisoftyes 
ibm5150 k16autoKaypro 16 Autoload1984Kayproyes 
ibm5150 k16mastrKaypro 16 Master Disks1984Kayproyes 
ibm5150 karatekaKarateka (v1.1)1987Brøderbund Softwareyes 
ibm5150 karatekaaKarateka (v1.0)1986Brøderbund Softwareyeskarateka
ibm5150 karatekapKarateka (Beta 1986-03-03)1986Brøderbund Softwareyeskarateka
ibm5150 karnovKarnov1987Data Eastyes 
ibm5150 kbountyKing's Bounty1990New World Computingyes 
ibm5150 kdreamsCommander Keen in Keen Dreams (v1.92)1993Softdiskyes 
ibm5150 keen123Commander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons (5.25", v1.31)1991Apogee Softwareyes 
ibm5150 keen123aCommander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons (3.5", v1.31)1991Apogee Softwareyeskeen123
ibm5150 keen1gCommander Keen in Invasion of the Vorticons (5.25", v1.32, Gravis pack-in)1991Advanced Gravisyeskeen123
ibm5150 kingqstKing's Quest (PC Booter release, cracked)1984IBMno 
ibm5150 kingqst1King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown1990Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqst2King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (v1.1h) (cracked)1985Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqst2_35King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (3.5", v2.2)1987Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqst2aKing's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (v1.0w)1985Sierra On-Lineyeskingqst2
ibm5150 kingqst3King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (5.25", v2.00)1987Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqst3aKing's Quest III: To Heir Is Human (5.25", v1.01)1986Sierra On-Lineyeskingqst3
ibm5150 kingqst4King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (5.25", version #2.2)1988Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqst4_35King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (3.5", version #2.2)1988Sierra On-Lineyeskingqst4
ibm5150 kingqstdKing's Quest (DOS release, v2.0F)1987Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 kingqstdaKing's Quest (DOS release, v1.0U)1986Sierra On-Lineyeskingqstd
ibm5150 kobanaruKobayashi Naru1987Mastertronicyes 
ibm5150 kotbKings of the Beach (5.25")1988Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 kotb35Kings of the Beach (3.5")1988Electronic Artsyeskotb
ibm5150 kultKult (cracked)1989Infogrames Multimedia SAyes 
ibm5150 kvesoccrKeith Van Eron's Pro Soccer (5.25")1990MicroProseno 
ibm5150 kvesoccr35Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer (3.5")1990MicroProsenokvesoccr
ibm5150 labelmagLabel Magic (Shareware)1989Neocomyes 
ibm5150 lakeceltLakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (5.25")1989Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 lakecelt35Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (3.5")1989Electronic Artsyeslakecelt
ibm5150 lasrsurgLaser Surgeon - The Microscopic Mission1987Activisionyes 
ibm5150 lastmissThe Last Mission1987Opera Softyes 
ibm5150 lastninjaThe Last Ninja1988Activisionyes 
ibm5150 lastnja2Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance1990Activisionyes 
ibm5150 laurabowThe Colonel's Bequest (5.25")1989Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 laurabw35The Colonel's Bequest (3.5")1989Sierra On-Lineyeslaurabow
ibm5150 ldrunLode Runner1983Brøderbund Softwareyes 
ibm5150 leathergLeather Goddesses of Phobos (1988, release 4)1988Infocomyes 
ibm5150 leathergaLeather Goddesses of Phobos (1986, release 59)1986Infocomyesleatherg
ibm5150 lic2killLicence to Kill1989Domarkyes 
ibm5150 linesandA Line in the Sand1992SSIyes 
ibm5150 linksLinks - The Challenge of Golf (v1.45)1990Access Softwareyes 
ibm5150 linksaLinks - The Challenge of Golf (v1.10)1990Access Softwareyeslinks
ibm5150 linksbntLinks - Championship Course - Bountiful Golf Course1991Access Softwareyes 
ibm5150 livings2Livingstone 2198?Opera Softyes 
ibm5150 lockonLock On1987Data Eastpartial 
ibm5150 lombrallLombard RAC Rally (5.25", France)1989Mandarin Softwareyes 
ibm5150 lombrall35Lombard RAC Rally (3.5")1989Mandarin Softwareyeslombrall
ibm5150 loomLoom (5.25")1990Lucasfilm Gamesyes 
ibm5150 loom35Loom (3.5", v1.1)1991Lucasfilm Gamesyesloom
ibm5150 loom35aLoom (3.5", v1.0)1990Lucasfilm Gamesyesloom
ibm5150 loomdeLoom (3.5", Germany)1990Lucasfilm Gamesyesloom
ibm5150 loomfrLoom (3.5", France)1990Lucasfilm Gamesyesloom
ibm5150 lslLeisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (5.25")1987Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 lsl2Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) (5.25")1989Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 lsl2_35Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) (3.5")1989Sierra On-Lineyeslsl2
ibm5150 lsl3Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (5.25")1989Sierra On-Lineyes 
ibm5150 lsl3_35Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (3.5")1989Sierra On-Lineyeslsl3
ibm5150 lsl35Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (3.5")1987Sierra On-Lineyeslsl
ibm5150 lsl3frLeisure Suit Larry 3: Patti la Passion à la Poursuite des Pectoraux Puissants (3.5", France)1989Sierra On-Lineyeslsl3
ibm5150 lunarexpLunar Explorer - A Space Flight Simulator1986Electric Transityes 
ibm5150 lurkinghThe Lurking Horror1987Infocomyes 
ibm5150 maddenJohn Madden Football1989Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 madden2John Madden Football II1992Electronic Artsyes 
ibm5150 maddenaJohn Madden Football (alt)1989Electronic Artsyesmadden
ibm5150 magicpktMagic Pockets1992Mindscapeyes 
ibm5150 mandealrManhattan Dealers (Europe, The 16-bit Pocket Power Collection release)1988Prism Leisure Corporationyes 
ibm5150 manhuntManhunter - New York1988Sierrayes 
ibm5150 manhunt2Manhunter 2 - San Francisco (5.25", Sierra's Value Pack)1989Sierrayes 
ibm5150 manhunt2_35Manhunter 2 - San Francisco (3.5", Sierra's Value Pack)1989Sierrayesmanhunt2
ibm5150 manhunt2aManhunter 2 - San Francisco (5.25", alt)1989Sierrayesmanhunt2

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